eLCC meeting and Cheyenne Frontier Days

Message about eLCC members and Cheyenne Frontier Days:

From Brandon:

Just wanted to share a little bit of information after hearing of the concerns expressed by folks who might like to come up and enjoy some of Cheyenne Frontier Days but are worried about accommodations and such. There is a site out there that provides relatively current information on available lodging during CFD which might be helpful if anybody was worried about that.


I also wanted to share that if people have questions, they are more than welcome to ask me about places to stay, things to do, etc… if they’d like to come up but are a bit wary. We have a couple of Wyoming natives on our team who would steer folks in the right direction. I would encourage anybody who needs a place to stay to try and book ASAP, as Cheyenne doubles in population during CFD and hotels will be full long before we get through July.

We’re already talking about our plans here at LCCC, so any guidance you may be able to offer is very welcome. I will be out of town (but still checking email) the two weeks prior to our meeting, so I’m hoping to get planning moving ahead on our end as quickly as possible.

Feel free to share the link and my contact info with eLCC folks and hopefully we can get a good contingent to come up this way!



Brandon Poulliot
Technical Support Specialist
Center for Excellence in Teaching

307-778-1143 | bpoulliot@lccc.wy.edu


eLCC Monthly Meeting in Wyoming

Here’s our Wyoming invitation from Brandon at Laramie County Community College!

Folks can arrive as early as 8:30 AM if they’d like. The address here is 1400 College Dr. and we will be having our meeting in the Clay Pathfinder Building, room PF 305 (third floor). We need folks to RSVP for lunches by 7/25 at noon, noting any dietary restrictions.

Easiest directions are to get on I-25 North and follow it to the ends of the earth. Take Exit 7 once in Wyoming and take a right off the highway onto College Dr. Follow College Dr. for several miles. Once you’ve passed South Greeley Highway, look for an entrance to LCCC on the left (J.O. Reed Loop) and follow that around the campus to the right. There are two lots adjacent to the Pathfinder building, neither require a permit. See the map below for more clarity.

The PD we are going to present is on our research, development, and implementation process for the Daylight aesthetic in D2L, focused on the processes we used to reshape our LMS, how we involved our design team, and the upcoming work as well as what we’ve completed thus far. Hopefully this is helpful for the D2L folks in the group, but we plan to try and make it applicable for any academic technology change management situation. Presenters will be myself, Rebecca Reese (Senior Instructional Designer), and Kari Brown-Herbst (Director, Center for Teaching Excellence).



Brandon Poulliot
Technical Support Specialist
Center for Excellence in Teaching
307-778-1143 | bpoulliot@lccc.wy.edu


Hello Everyone,

We had a number of eLCCers at the International Society for Technology in Education in San Antonio. For example, we had 4 eLCCers at the AR/VR Escape the Ordinary Playground. Can you recognize the person wearing the HTC VIVE?

Games & Sims Network

That’s right, it’s Heather Tobin from DU!

She willing demonstrated SnapBench https://snapben.ch/ with VR/3D Printing
It’s an amazing program that let’s you create in VR using the HTC VIVE and
then lets you print out what you created using a 3D printer.

Other eLCCer presenters and participants at the playground included:

Chris Luchs, CCCOnline
Kae Novak, FRCC
Len Scrogan, University of Colorado – Denver
Randy Russell, University of Colorado, UCAR

As well as the AgentCubes Online https://www.agentcubesonline.com/
Presentation by Ryan Rasar
Table facilitated by Alex Repenning, University of Colorado
and Mark Shouldice, Aurora Public Schools
Take a look at this Beyond Minecraft article

We’ve also put up any pictures we have of eLCC at ISTE up on the eLCC Flickr.

To get a little more insight into what a playground is like, here’s a video made by one of the groups.







Meeting Information – CSU June 23 2017

Sorry for the late post. My apologies. Please see below. ~ Paul

Hi: We are looking forward to your participation in our eLearning Consortium meeting being held this Friday, June 23 at CSU Online in Fort Collins. Here is our current agenda for the meeting.
Action Items
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that we are not meeting on the main CSU Campus. We are providing a map along with the address of the meeting location (see attachment). Marianne has also provided her cell phone number in case you forget the directions.
9:30 – 10:00  Coffee, Juice, and Rolls along with conversations
10:00 – 10:15  Welcome message from Mike Palmquist (Associate Provost)
10:15 – 10:45  Presentation – Best Practices (Greg, Marianne, and Sirui)
11:00 – 11:30  Presentation –  TILT Application Development (Chris Geanious)
11:30 –  12:00  Presentation – APLU Grant Proposal (Tonya Buchan)
12:00 – 1:00  Lunch and Conversation (Perhaps School Updates)
1:00 – 1:30 eLearning Consortium Business
1:30 – 2:30 Tour of Adaptive Classroom on CSU Campus
We look forward to seeing you on Friday.  By the way, don’t forget the 20 breweries in Fort Collins in case you would like to contribute to the Fort Collins economy after the meeting.
Greg, Marianne, and Al

Have a great time at CSU!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say have a great time at Colorado State University tomorrow! We really want to thank the CSU team for arranging great PD and the tour of the adaptive classroom. I am very sorry that I will be missing it. Myself and a few others will be traveling to San Antonio for the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. We’ll make sure that we take a lot of notes, tweet what we can out on the eLCC twitter @elccolorado and put up pictures in the eLCC flickr (like the picture below).

ISTE has gone through a number of leadership changes lately. They just hired Richard Culatta, who was the Director of Educational Technology under the Obama administration. He did an interview with the Journal of Higher Education that people might find interesting.

To Students, Many College Learning Experiences Feel Like They’re From
Another Century

Have a great time at CSU!


eLCC Monthly Meeting June 23 at CSU

Greetings All,

Thanks again for your RSVP for the May 19th eLCC Meeting in Fort Collins. As you recall we received heavy snow and tree damage and had to cancel.

The new proposed date is Friday, June 23. The weather should be much more cooperative. We are still putting together the details, meal, location, etc. so more info. to come.

Colorado State University

Go ahead and RSVP back to me if you plan to attend. We realize with summer plans, travel, etc. this may be a slightly smaller group.  Just reply to Marianne.Bauer@colostate.edu.  Hope to see some of you later this month.

Greg Wells, Marianne Bauer and the CSU planning team



Friday Tech Lit Hangout

Weather permitting; we’d like to do one of our rapid response Hangouts on this coming Friday, May 26 at noon. I know that there’s always the possibility of ice coating the series of tubes that is the interwebs but it’s now the third week in May, so what could happen – a snow storm?

The Tech Lit group will do a short webinar over Google Hangout on Fancy Bear & How Tech Lit and Info Lit are meeting up in the age of hacking. We’ll end with ISTE Games & Sims showing us #Hacked.

We are also continuing on work on getting the eLCC journal up and running. If you are interested in helping out, please email Kae Novak at kae.novak@frontrange.edu

Doodle for June Monthly Meeting Date

Thank you for being patient as we make arrangements for the June eLCC meeting. We are switching the location for the meeting in June from Colorado Mountain College (CMC) to Colorado State University (CSU).

We know June is vacation time, so we created this Doodle, please go in and let us know which Friday fits your schedule. We’ll close the Doodle on June 1, 2017.

Here’s the dates to chose from:
June 23 and June 30


May eLCC Events

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to May! eLCC 2017 was fantastic! First of all, we have to thank the eLCC Conference committee and all the conference volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

Our next eLCC Monthly Meeting May 19th is at Colorado State University
It’s almost the end of the academic year. Hopefully, everyone will be finished up and be able to take up Colorado State University (Greg, Marianne, Al, Katy and Karen)’s invitation to come up to Fort Collins. RSVP to Marianne.Bauer@colostate.edu by May 15. For full details, please go to the post on the eLCC website.

Here’s what else is happening in May

Pedago.me: Instructional Design Thinking about Learning Experience Design
Twitter Chat on May 11, 2017
Topic: Dealing with Institutional Fires
We host #pedagome Twitter chats every 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm MST. Mark you calendars, share your point of view, and learn something new.
Chat questions will be posted a few days in advance on http://pedago.me/.

ISTE Games & Sims Network is also inviting you to their May Book Club on Ender’s Game.

Want to get involved in some eLCC activities this summer?

The Awards and Recognition Committee will soon be working on their next recognition survey on learning environments for eLCC this summer. If you want to help contact Chris Luchs Christopher.luchs@cccs.edu

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
Robin Weber (UNC) is heading up this group with a little help from her friends and colleagues.  This group even has started its own Flickr group https://www.flickr.com/groups/arvr/ and blog https://elccarvr.wordpress.com/.

Technology Literacy
The Technology Literacy is planning on observing (lurking) in the Ender’s Game Book Club’s reddit this month. For more info, go to http://bit.ly/redditinfo4ender.  If you would like to be involved contact Chris Luchs at christopher.luchs@frontrange.edu

Quality in Online Learning
The subject area of this group includes but is not limited to Quality Matters. It is looking at all indicators of quality online learning especially from organizations that have created their own. Sherri Lancton (UNC) has sent out a survey to ask each institution how is looking at quality in online learning. If your institution hasn’t taken it yet, contact her at Sherri.Lancton@unco.edu If you’d like to be involved contact Sherri.

Here’s our current communication channels:

Twitter @eLCColorado https://twitter.com/elccolorado – please follow us!
We are using the hashtag #elcc for year round.

Website http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/

Listserv elearningcolorado@yahoogroups.com
If you have someone at your organization who isn’t a member,  just have them send an email to eLearningColorado-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

eLCC has its own flickr group https://www.flickr.com/groups/elcccolorado/
Please join and also add pictures you have, we could especially use any technology related pictures and any pictures of your campus!

While you are joining the eLCC flickr, please also join the AR/VR flickr too. Pics of people in VR gear and any screenshots from your mobile AR apps would be most appreciated. https://www.flickr.com/groups/arvr/