Ancient Egypt Microbiology Murder Mystery Team

Winner of the 2019 Learning Technologies Team Award

Team Project:
Ancient Egypt Microbiology Murder Mystery: Information and Technology Literacy Interdisciplinary Approach


Team Members:
Anjali Vaidya
Marcus Fowler
Kae Novak
Pam Fischer
Jeff Wahl
Helga Hizer

Project Description:

The Ancient Egypt Microbiology Murder Mystery is an immersive epistemic game that pairs up humanities classes and microbiology classes through synchronous technology to solve the mysterious illness that struck down Egyptologist, “Professor Thad”.  Microbiology students attended an Ancient Egypt exhibit and lecture at the Westminster Campus College Hill Library. The guest lecturer is suddenly struck ill and the students had to go through the process of solving what happened. While the microbiology students investigated, they found that they needed help understanding the Ancient Egypt mythology clues. A humanities class on Boulder Community College was contacted through Skype to serve as researchers and helped the microbiology students solve the mystery. Students in both classes search for information and analyze the symptoms and the historical references. Microbiology students analyze the infectious disease symptoms while humanities students sort through legends, conspiracy theories and records until they find accurate sources. By the end of the learning experience, all students learn more about their content area and how to find reliable sources. This is a technology intensive exercise with students using personal mobile devices, personal laptops as well as campus computers, Internet searches and library databases.

The Ancient Egypt Microbiology Murder Mystery learning experience was funded by a Front Range Community College (FRCC) Student Learning Committee Assessment grant to assess the Information and Technology Literacy Outcome (SCOPE) in a synchronous distributed event between at the FRCC Westminster College Hill Library and a class on FRCC Boulder County Campus.

Alignment with eLCC Mission:
This multiple campus team not only aligned their project with the eLCC mission but also created a learning experience that allowed from a microbiology class and an ancient civilizations class students on different campuses to leverage mobile devices, image recognition, and VOIP platforms to collaborate, network and problem solve.

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