2017 Awards Blockchain and the Future of Higher Education

Blockchain and the Future of Higher Education

Project Description:
This collaborative project between higher education faculty and stakeholders aims to critically examine how the implementation of blockchain technology, the protocol that powers bitcoin, smart contracts, tracking systems, and other innovations, will influence 1) institutional policies such as degrees and transcripts distribution; 2) instructional goals such as student self advocacy.

Alignment with eLCC mission:
Our project aligns with eLCC’s spirit by promoting collaboration between faculty from multiple institutions and stakeholders to create innovative solutions, through blockchain technology, to address higher education challenges. Championing open access, we published mobile and web accessible Youtube videos, Google slides, Padlets, and web articles as open educational resources.

Name of Team Members:
Sherry Jones
Chris Luchs
Kae Novak
Doug Levin
Trish Cloud
Jerry Buchko
Tanya Martin


Link to Metagame Blockchain Book Club

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