CMC Meeting/Presentation Summary

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) thanks all those who were able to join us for the meeting held today, June 27th, 2014 at our Breckenridge Campus.  Robert Cartelli, our 2014 nominee for eLCC Educator of the Year Award, inspired us with his presentation titled Student Reflection and Self-Assessment:  How to Improve Your Course in 8 Minutes. Robert enthusiastically shared his MAR-326 self-assessments delivered at the Midterm and Final which have resulted in 3,000 pages of feedback from students on various topics like what is going well, what is not, what they are learning, and what sort of learning environment Robert has created in his courses.

Robert emphasized in order to receive useful, honest feedback from students he first must create a welcoming, friendly environment where students trust that their openness with be heard and valued.  Robert explained that beyond creating engaging content and assignments, he wants to see his students transform into future business leaders and successful students.  The carefully crafted self-assessments are used as an indicator of how each course he teaches is going for the students and provides him information to make changes in the middle of the semester if necessary.  He also makes continuous improvement after each term based on the final reflections to transform his courses to include the most effective team driven, project-based assignments that are rigorous and technology-packed to create students who know how to FIO (Figure it Out).