Agenda for November 18, 2016 Meeting

Aims Community College

10 am Welcome to Aims Community College

1030 am Ray Brown, Math Faculty will present on “Expanding Your Technology Toolbox: Technology Tools to Assist with Student Engagement.”

1145 am – 12:15 pm  Lunch with presentation by Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Stacey Guney will present on “Building Learning Spaces in Unexpected Places.”


After the lunch presentation

eLCC business meeting agenda

Here’s the link to notes from the retreat. In this part of the meeting we will be following up on the retreat.

Conference (Kim Larson Cooney)

M­­­­­­­­ission Statement (vote on proposed change)

eLCC brings together Rocky Mountain region Higher Education institutions in the spirit of collaboration, innovation, networking, and problem solving to leverage technology that promotes learning.

Interest Groups

  • Quality of Online Courses – Sherri Lancton
  • Committee Meeting Scheduling for Diversity, Technology Literacy and AR/VR

Awards (Awards Committee)

  • New Group/Team Award (finalize)
  • 2017 Best of EdTech (Poll)

Change in Professional Development Discussion (Kae Novak)

  • Topical PD sourced out to all members
  • Synchronous communication channel or back channel


  • Committee Meeting Scheduling for Listserv, LinkedIn, Social Media and Website

Institution Report (Everyone)