Regis University’s 7th Annual Learning Technologies Fair

Everyone at eLCC would like to thank Regis University ID & T for inviting us to
their 7th Annual Learning Technologies Fair!

Learning Technology Fair

eLCC had a table and we had a great time talking tech and education with everyone there!

The Fair featured the 2016-2017 Teaching and Learning with Technology Mirco-grant winners. The fair was designed as a gallery walk with grant winners at their poster which was next to laptop with a monitor so that they could show people more about their projects. Attendees come into the large Mountain View Room and then walk around stopping to talk with the presenters.

For my purposes, I was able to immediately able to use 3 of the learning technologies as examples for instructors who are working on the design of their hybrid courses. Those projects were using video answer keys for a chemistry course, video capture assignment with audio feedback from the professors and the last one was screencapturing the writing process for students.

Incorporating Video Answer Keys in Organic Chemistry

Learning Technology Fair

The use of video feedback for chemistry course could help my hybrid instructors move reviewing answers on tests online. Having the video feedback would be immediate for the students and could also let the instructor focus on the questions that the students struggled with the most during their face-to-face sessions. We might not have our instructors using Camtasia and MicroSoft Surfaces but there are ideas my instructors can use.

Video Answers in Chem Course

Video Capture and Feedback with a Simulation Experience

My hybrid instructors from a number of disciplines emailed me and immediately starting brainstorming with this one. What if the student filmed themselves and then the instructors gave audio feedback. Again, we might not use Camtasia but screencast-o-matic allows for a PiP. Our instructors could take this well researched project and see what portions could help us leverage technology for meaningful learning.

Learning Technology Fair

Procedural Video Models in Writing Instruction

Learning Technology Fair

This example I think would work well with showing students the writing process but also with computer science programming courses. You could show student the process of programming.

It was quite an experience to see so many of the innovative projects that one institution is doing. We hear about certain ones during our monthly meetings but this was a rare treat to be to a gallery walk of all the amazing leveraging of technology. I wasn’t able to feature everything to my instructors but just as a suggestion, look into Using Digital Badges to Enhance Student & Faculty Development and It’s Getting Hot Out There: Using Wireless
Environmental Sensors to Investigate Microscale Heat Islands at Regis

I look forward to attending next year’s fair! (Especially to see what they are doing with their Lightboard). Thanks again Regis ID &T!

(The pictures I took at the fair are now up on the eLCC flickr site. If you took any pictures at the gallery please add them to the eLCC Flickr group.)

Also, here’s the slides I shared with the hybrid training class during their Almost the Weekend Check-in.