2017 eLCC People’s Choice Learning Technolgies Team Award

Hello Everyone,

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado Awards committee is pleased to announce that voting for the first eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award or eLCCellence Awards is now open.  Please share this link http://bit.ly/elccvote17 with your colleagues.

In alphabetical order, here are the teams and projects:

1) Blockchain and the Future of Higher Education
Members from CCD, CCCOnline and Front Range Community College collaborating
with educators from Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Oregon.

2) Cleaning Up the Front Door for FRCC Online Students
Front Range Community College Online Student Success Team

3) Embedded Office Hours
Regis University ID & T

4) Mursion
University of Northern Colorado

5) Project Outbreak
CCCOnline and Front Range Community College

6) Solve the Puzzle of Open Assessment: Escape (the Room) with Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
Front Range Community College SLO Outcome Mentors

This is a new team focused award for the eLearning Consortium of Colorado. The purpose of this award it to recognize the many initiatives, projects, and programs that support best practices, creative solutions, innovation and transformational change in eLearning and the groups that make them possible. The award reflects the complex environment of eLearning and the collaborative nature of our member organizations.

The eLearning Technologies Award recognizes staff, faculty and administrator teams engaged in communicating and sharing out exceptional experiences or projects. The team project may consist of a single instance or a broader implementation of learning technologies.

The term ‘learning technologies’ can also be interpreted widely to include all forms of online content, and may incorporate such things as synchronous learning, use of social media, or mobile technologies. The project may identify with teaching, professional development, academic technology or some combination thereof.

You can also vote using the Ballot below: