2017 eLCC Award Winners

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for a great eLCC Annual Conference this year. We had lots of great presentations and awesome conversations and Keynotes. Barbara Truman really did a great job off expanding on what our virtual classrooms and LMS platforms could be and the value and range of simulations. Michael King provided us with an interesting walk down IBM’s Watson AI and it’s promise for adaptive learning and education.

In additional to all our speakers, keynotes and conversations, we celebrated the 2017 eLearning Consortium of Colorado’s Awards, or as the awards committee calls them… the eLCCies!!!!

First, I want to thank all the nominators, awards committee members and judges for their time and assistance in making these awards possible. I also want to thank everyone for getting out the vote and congratulate all of this year’s nominees.

Now on to our winners!

2017 eLearning Educator of the Year: Anjali Vaidya

2017 eLearning Advocate of the Year: Kae Novak

2017 Learning Technologies Team Award: TeachLive/ Mursion Project from Robin Brewer, Tracy Mueller, and Jason Robinson of University of Northern Colorado.