Open Sim Livestreamed this weekend

Two of our former keynotes – Cynthia Calongne and Barbara Truman are involved in presenting and organizing a virtual conference this weekend and I’m sending out the information in case you are interested.

It’s the OpenSim Community Conference (OSCC) and you can watch it live over their YouTube Channel

The conference runs Saturday December 9 and Sunday December 10.
Saturday 7 am PT – 630 pm PT
Sunday 7 am PT – 630 pm PT

If you would like to attend in-world, you can register here

If you are wondering how to use OpenSim for game design and simulation, then we’d suggest watching

Saturday – A Mind Palace for English in immersive worlds with Cynthia Calongne

Sunday – An Educators Approach to Developing Usable Prototypes for Serious Games in Open Simulator with Barbara Truman

They are involved in other sessions on the  program on both Saturday and Sunday.

If you get any screenshots be sure to share them over twitter hashtag #oscc17 and on their Flickr site.
Here’s a link to the conference preview we did if you want to get a peek before you go in.