Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year to everyone and for anyone who is at work today – welcome back!

Have you been looking at some of this year’s wrap-ups lists and predictions for the future?

Best of 2017 and Looking to 2018
Please share with us any lists you have come across.

The New Media Consortium which produced the Horizon Report for Higher Education is closing, so here are some other articles and reports until the dust settles there.  

EdSurge HigherEd’s Top 10 Articles of 2017 
Interestingly enough, the first article starts out with the person stating that in 2008 they didn’t know instructional designers existed.

Hack Education’s Stories We Were Told in 2017 about Education Technology 
As always Audrey Waters uses a critical eye to look at edtech.

25 Trends for 2018 by Meris Stansbury from eSchool News and eCampus News
There is a section for Higher Education.

Tech Trends (Non-Education) for 2018
Not an educational list yet there is overlap.

And to wrap-up here with a positive note
99 Reasons 2017 was a great year from Future Crunch

At eLCC, we have a lot planned for the new year.

Monthly Meetings 2018

Our first monthly meeting will be on January 26th at Regis University.

There is a change in date for February, our February monthly meeting will be Friday February 16th at the University of Denver.

Our March monthly meeting on Friday March 23rd will be virtual.

Breakthroughs in 2017 or 2018?

AI? We did have Michael King as our eLCC  Keynote last year.
While this isn’t Michael as our keynote, here is an interview with Michael.  
Have you tried IBM’s Watson? While it might be geared to K-12 you can still take a peek. If you have more questions, here’s another article on what you could be asking.

It was listed as Number #1 Tech Trend – Blockchain
One of our Learning Technologies award nominees was covering this last year.

EdSurge claimed 2017 was a breakthrough year for OER. Do you agree?

For eLCC this coming calendar year, we’d like to form some sub-committees or even a task force if we think this areas warrant them. Please email kae novak kae.novak@frontrange.edu if you are interested.

eLCC Conference

The eLCC Conference will be held one week earlier this year.
Wednesday April 4 – Friday April 6, 2018 at Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado

The call for proposals and registration will be coming out soon from the conference committee.

eLCC Awards

The eLCC Awards are now open! Please feel free to share these links with your colleagues!

eLCC eLearning Educator http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-educator-award-nomination/

eLCC eLearning Advocate http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-support-award-nomination/

The second annual eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award or eLCCellence  http://bit.ly/eLCCteam18

If you are interested in helping out with the Awards committee this year, please email christopher.luchs@cccs.edu

Again, Happy New Year to Everyone!