Thank You CCCOnline!

We would like to thank CCCOnline for arranging and hosting eLCC’s virtual monthly meeting.

The virtual meeting went effortlessly and they could not have chosen two more timely and informative guest speakers. They gave us a high level view of how the state legislature is looking at OER and also what the next steps are so we can tell our colleagues.

I think CCCOnline has developed a pattern of knowing exactly how to setup and facilitate these online meetings. Thank you again!

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting. Agenda(Slides)

Awards Update

Invitation to F2F Events

Invitation to Online Events

  • Ethics and Games Monthly Webinars
    • Last Sunday of Each Month at 5 pm MT
    • Recording from February  Ethics and Games webinar.
    • The Talos Principle.
      • The review of this game includes Greek and Egyptian mythology, determinism, transhumanism, posthumanism and discussion of AI. If you click on the show more portion of the YouTube recording, you can see the index portion and go to the area you are most interested in.

Other Topics (Warming Up for  – Is It Just Me?… Facilitated Keynote with Dr. Brent Wilson at 2018 eLCC Conference)

Professional Development Speakers – OER Council Presentation

CCCOnline invited Dr. Emily Ragan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Metro, who is the Chair of the state Open Education Resources (OER) Council, and Brittany Dudek, CCCO Library Coordinator, who is a member of the OER Council to talk about this six month group that was created by the Colorado General Assembly.  Additionally members of the OER council prepared this pdf on their recommendations. The OER Council was created for a six month period to give recommendations to the General Assembly’s Joint Budge Committee. It has finished its six month period.

Additional OER information

There is a public OER Council website and the agenda and notes from about half of the meetings are on the webpage. The report that was sent to the Joint Budget Committee and the Education Committees of the General Assembly is also available to read on the OER Council website.

On February 7, 2018, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) discussed the OER Report (Recording, go to Index 4, use the blue slider to go to the OER discussion which starts at 2:41:00 – 3:03:30) and move to draft a bill by the end of the month.

Recommendations from the OER Council included promoting the use of free and very low cost textbooks and instructional materials at public institutions of higher education. Staff recommends the Committee sponsor a bill to: • Provide a statewide grant program costing $660,000 General Fund in FY 2018-19, annualizing to annualizing to $1,079,350 for FY 2019-20 and $1,080,720 in FY 2020-21. • Continue the statewide OER Council for the length of the program and add 1.0 FTE in the Department of Higher Education for the length of the initiative.

In addition to the recommendations from the report, the JBC staff recommended that the Committee also consider including a statutory requirement that by fall 2021 for institutional course catalogs to identify which courses use free and very low cost OER materials. A presentation is scheduled for March 12 and a vote is planned to happen between March 12 and 26.

Second Professional Development Event: Net Neutrality

We have been looking at what is happening on the Net Neutrality front. February 27th is actually #OneMoreVote day. You may see this hashtag on social media. We did an overview of Net Neutrality and some possible implications for education recording and slides.