More Than Just a Discussion – Hands on Session Materials

if you are attending the Hands On session More Than Just a Discussion at 8:30 am on Thursday there is some information to familiarize yourself with before attending:

It’s in the below PDF of the full magazine.

The presentation is a Google Slides and easiest would be to link to it that way so any updates/changes we make will be reflected.
Just FYI, we are not presenting this presentation. It’s information and examples attendees will use to help frame their activities, which is why having prior access will be helpful.
This session is hands on but there is some prior learning and knowledge that will be helpful. Because we will not be presenting all this information, we feel a flipped approach might be more appropriate. In that spirit, please take a few moments to read the Online Discussions as a Vehicle for Active Learning article beginning on page 25 and review the presentation – especially the sample discussions.