July Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Tech Trek at our July meeting!
We began with an hour long Tech Trek (we’ll send you over to our road map document for our different stops).

eLCC Meeting Notes

What are the upcoming conferences and professional development for the rest of the year?

  • Flipgrid Live July 31 & August 1 – Free and Open
  • COLTT August 1 & 2
  • TLTS Metro October 5 – Free and Open
  • Connect (CCCOnline) October 12  – Free and Open
  • Assess-a-palooza (FRCC) October 12 – talk to Kae Novak if interested
  • AECT October 24 – October 27
  • Educause October 30 – Nov 2
    • Morning Exercise or Walking Event with Educause Special Interest Group
      • Do we want to help plan and facilitate this?
      • Day TBD
  • Biomimicry Institute – Nov 9 – Free and Open

We’ll be sending out emails within the week on the following:

Find Retreat Date and Place
eLCC annual conference will be April 17 – 19, 2018.
2 Year Nominations and Election will be sent out by Heather Tobin
Membership Dues will go out soon.

Hybrid consortium series

  • Contact institutional representative
  • Different ways of presenting
  • Carnegie clock hour

We won’t have a meeting in August so our next meeting will be our annual planning retreat in September!

Or meet us with other eLCCers at COLTT on August 1 and 2.