2017 eLCC Award Winners

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for a great eLCC Annual Conference this year. We had lots of great presentations and awesome conversations and Keynotes. Barbara Truman really did a great job off expanding on what our virtual classrooms and LMS platforms could be and the value and range of simulations. Michael King provided us with an interesting walk down IBM’s Watson AI and it’s promise for adaptive learning and education.

In additional to all our speakers, keynotes and conversations, we celebrated the 2017 eLearning Consortium of Colorado’s Awards, or as the awards committee calls them… the eLCCies!!!!

First, I want to thank all the nominators, awards committee members and judges for their time and assistance in making these awards possible. I also want to thank everyone for getting out the vote and congratulate all of this year’s nominees.

Now on to our winners!

2017 eLearning Educator of the Year: Anjali Vaidya

2017 eLearning Advocate of the Year: Kae Novak

2017 Learning Technologies Team Award: TeachLive/ Mursion Project from Robin Brewer, Tracy Mueller, and Jason Robinson of University of Northern Colorado.

2017 eLCC People’s Choice Learning Technolgies Team Award

Hello Everyone,

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado Awards committee is pleased to announce that voting for the first eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award or eLCCellence Awards is now open.  Please share this link http://bit.ly/elccvote17 with your colleagues.

In alphabetical order, here are the teams and projects:

1) Blockchain and the Future of Higher Education
Members from CCD, CCCOnline and Front Range Community College collaborating
with educators from Minnesota, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Oregon.

2) Cleaning Up the Front Door for FRCC Online Students
Front Range Community College Online Student Success Team

3) Embedded Office Hours
Regis University ID & T

4) Mursion
University of Northern Colorado

5) Project Outbreak
CCCOnline and Front Range Community College

6) Solve the Puzzle of Open Assessment: Escape (the Room) with Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
Front Range Community College SLO Outcome Mentors

This is a new team focused award for the eLearning Consortium of Colorado. The purpose of this award it to recognize the many initiatives, projects, and programs that support best practices, creative solutions, innovation and transformational change in eLearning and the groups that make them possible. The award reflects the complex environment of eLearning and the collaborative nature of our member organizations.

The eLearning Technologies Award recognizes staff, faculty and administrator teams engaged in communicating and sharing out exceptional experiences or projects. The team project may consist of a single instance or a broader implementation of learning technologies.

The term ‘learning technologies’ can also be interpreted widely to include all forms of online content, and may incorporate such things as synchronous learning, use of social media, or mobile technologies. The project may identify with teaching, professional development, academic technology or some combination thereof.

You can also vote using the Ballot below:

2017 eLCC Educator and Advocate of the Year Nominations

The 2017 eLCC Awards Committee is pleased to announce the nominees for the individual awards. All nominees will be recognized during the afternoon luncheon on Thursday, April 12, 2017.

The eLCC Educator of the Year award recognizes exceptional efforts by faculty and instructors in the field of learning with technology and eLearning. It honors individuals who have provided outstanding teaching to include online, hybrid, blended learning, web supplement, mobile and ubiquitous learning with technology. The winner of this award has demonstrated innovation and leadership at their institution and beyond in using technology to teach and in eLearning.

The nominations for 2017 eLCC Educator of the Year are

Melissa Brydon, Regis University
Anjali Vaidya, CCCOnline and Front Range Community College
Marge Vorndam, Colorado Mountain College

The eLCC eLearning Advocate of the Year award recognizes exceptional efforts by technologists, trainers, instructional designers, instructional coaches, online student services, administrators and academic technology staff in the field of eLearning and learning with technology. The recipient of this award have demonstrated leadership and innovation in online, hybrid, blended learning, web supplement, mobile and ubiquitous learning with technology at their institution and beyond.
The nominations for 2017 eLCC eLearning Advocate of the Year in alphabetical order are:

Amy Arnold, University of Colorado – Denver
Farah Bennani, CCCOnline
Jon Johnson, Red Rocks Community College
Kae Novak, Front Range Community College
Eric Salahub, Front Range Community College
Ling Thompson, Regis University
Daryl Yarrow, Colorado Mountain College

Who Do You Love (Educationally Speaking…of course)?

To celebrate the season, the eLearning Consortium of Colorado is doing another collaborative poll and are asking “Who Do You Love?”  Don’t worry, we are not trying to get personal. Instead we’re asking what’s your favorite educational theory, educational theorist and of course what’s your favorite pedagogy.http://bit.ly/elccwhodoyoulove

If you think we missed anything please go ahead and add it as an option!

We’ll keep this poll open until the end of February – so vote with your heart!!!!!

Awards nominations due March 1st!

Speaking of who do you love – nominate that great Colorado educator, advocate and great learning teams who has been working so hard!!!!!  Nominations open until March 1, 2017

eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award

eLCC eLearning Educator Award

eLCC eLearning Advocate of the Year Award


Discussion on Education and the impact of Fake News and Alternative Facts

Several eLCC members took part in the February 3, 2017, TLT Friday Live group http://www.tltgroup.org/. The topic last week was “Fake News” and “Alternate Facts” Undermine Education: What Can We Do?. Our fellow eLCCers were there discussing algorithms, search engine optimization, and our new Interest Groups’ (Multiculturalism and Technology Literacy) rapid responses to current events.

The TLT Friday Live group consisted of 74 educators gathering on a Zoom meeting and discussing the educational challenges and opportunities associated with Fake News. This session was more online synchronous discussion than webinar. Some of the resources produced from the TLT session are:

Info Lit Resources

Evaluating News

Fake News Lib Guide

Tech & Info Lit Resources

Fake New and Alternative Facts – A Work in Progress

TLT Fake News Full Brainstorming Record

Based on the large turnout and great discussions, The TLT Friday Live group is offering a second session Fake News and Alternate Facts: Part II on Friday February 10, 2017 at noon MT.

To register go to http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/fridaylive  “Fake News, Facts, Education, Government …and Truth” Part 2

Friday, February 10 will also be a banner day for eLCC’s Technology Literacy Interest Group.

The Technology Literacy Special Interest Group will be collaborating with the ISTE Games and Sims Network for a Rapid Response Hangout on Game Prompts for Classroom Discussion of Fake News and Alt Facts from an information and technology literacy lens. This live event will happen at 6 pm MT. The hangout is at http://bit.ly/feb11gbl. If you arrive early, the padlet http://bit.ly/2gsnfeb11 will be moderated 30 minutes prior to the hangout for any of your questions and comments and during the hangout, the moderators will share your questions with the discussants to allow for live interaction.


Tech to be Thankful for

Thank you everyone for voting and sharing the best of your tech!

The Awards and Recognition Committee sent out the Tech 2 Be Thankful for Survey last month. 34 people participated in our unscientific poll!

You can look at the results 2 ways – spreadsheeted responses or
the wordles in the
slides we made.

Some of the interesting tech that you might want to take a look at….

Voxer Walkie-talkie voice recording system

Canva Quick graphics like a baby Photoshop

Padlet Digital bulletin board

Zamzar Online file conversion

Edpuzzle Video annotation system

Blendspace Interactive lessons, projects, and presentation system

Flipgrid Video collaboration tool

AnswerGarden  feedback tool for real time audience participation, online brainstorming and classroom feedback.

codepen.io front end design and development where students can see what code does in real time

In this survey a few of eLCC members got shout- outs like….

Amy Sorenson, ProfHelp at CCCOnline
Donna Hall, LMS Coordinator at Front Range Community College
There was also a request for someone named Nate to start up his blog again.

eLCC Awards Now Open for Nominations

eLCC and the Awards and Recognition are extremely pleased to announce
that the eLCC awards for 2016-2017 are now open!

The nomination period will run from December 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017.

The individual awards are
1) eLCC eLearning Educator http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-educator-award-nomination/

2) eLCC eLearning Advocate http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-support-award-nomination/

We are also introducing a new award, the eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award. http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-learning-technologies-team-award/

eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award is a People’s Choice award where eLCC members will vote from Friday April 7, 2017 until a minute before midnight on Wednesday April 12, 2017. The winning team will be announced at the luncheon at the eLCC annual conference on Thursday April 13, 2017. This award gives you and your team a chance to highlight the great projects and great work you have been doing in 2016.

What Tech Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving Week eLCC members!

In celebration of the holiday seasons, the Awards & Recognition Committee is rolling out our first Tech to Be Thankful for Poll! This poll asks you crucial questions about what tech and eLearning tools you are thankful for or would like. 😀

Here’s the direct link to the poll http://bit.ly/elccthankful or you can go fill out the embedded survey at the bottom of this post. As you’ll see, the questions are open ended. We’re asking what tech helps you collaborate, innovate, network and problem solve! The technology does not have to be specifically for education. It can be social media, project management and productivity tools, game, mobile app or website. However, we need your nominations and this is your chance to give a big shout out to a technology or tool that has really helped you this year.

We will have the survey open until December 1st. It will be the basis of the best tech of 2016 that eLCC will be compiling in December before we all leave for winter break. Yes it’s almost that time of the year! 😀

Please share with your colleagues, instructors, faculty and students. It is an informal poll just for us to have fun before the holidays.

eLCC Awards and Recognition Committee