Break the Internet

If you are on the Internet on Tuesday December 12th, you’re likely to see images and videos like the ones below. In fact, you are likely to see quite a few of these images and videos.

December 12, 2017 is two days before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be voting on ending Net Neutrality. The vote on Net Neutrality is also why you might have seen protesters outside your local Verizon store on Thursday.

On December 1, we were involved in a discussion (recording) over Hangout on Net Neutrality and what this means to us as online learning professionals, instructors and academics.

Because we are educators, we couldn’t help but also make slides too. We’re curating a list of articles on this Google document. They include FCC Chair Pai’s Myth vs. Fact and FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s Debunking Chairman Pai’s Claims about Net Neutrality rebuttal. (Yes these are the actual titles of the documents put out from the FCC.)

Yes, this is quite the hot topic for information and technology literacy! Thanks for suggesting it in our hot topic survey. 


Open Sim Livestreamed this weekend

Two of our former keynotes – Cynthia Calongne and Barbara Truman are involved in presenting and organizing a virtual conference this weekend and I’m sending out the information in case you are interested.

It’s the OpenSim Community Conference (OSCC) and you can watch it live over their YouTube Channel

The conference runs Saturday December 9 and Sunday December 10.
Saturday 7 am PT – 630 pm PT
Sunday 7 am PT – 630 pm PT

If you would like to attend in-world, you can register here

If you are wondering how to use OpenSim for game design and simulation, then we’d suggest watching

Saturday – A Mind Palace for English in immersive worlds with Cynthia Calongne

Sunday – An Educators Approach to Developing Usable Prototypes for Serious Games in Open Simulator with Barbara Truman

They are involved in other sessions on the  program on both Saturday and Sunday.

If you get any screenshots be sure to share them over twitter hashtag #oscc17 and on their Flickr site.
Here’s a link to the conference preview we did if you want to get a peek before you go in.

Welcome Back from Thanksgiving Break!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! Right before we left for break we held our UnConference at the University of Colorado- Boulder.

Here’s some preliminary pictures on Flickr – we’ll have more coming soon.

We were able to tour the Maker space in the Engineering building and do a series of P2P sessions on just about everything!

If you have any eLCC pictures you want to add to the group, just go to and ask to join.

Friday December 1 at Noon MT

Based on responses to the Hot Topics Survey, we will be doing a Google Hangout ( on Net Neutrality.

Are you following the vote on Net Neutrality the FCC will be doing on December 14th?
The hashtag #NetNeutrality is blowing up on twitter.

We’ll be focusing on the following questions:

What is equal access to the Internet?

What does Federal Communications Commission’s plan mean for us as educators who teach online and/or use the Internet?

If you would like to be one of our discussants on the Google Hangout – email

Also please follow us on twitter – @elcccolorado
We’ll keep tweeting ore retweeting out more on #NetNeutrality

In December, we will be putting out the call for 2017/2018 awards.

We have three distinct award – eLearning Educator, eLearning Advocate and Learning Technologies Team.

If you would like to be part of the awards committee and help out please contact Chris Luchs

Hope you are easing back into the work week!


UnConference FAQ

Hello Everyone!

We have two days until the UnConference. We have been starting to get questions.
So, let’s begin by saying it will be an actual UnConference! An UnConference is a different type of format than a conference. An UnConference has no keynote speakers, no predetermined panels and we’ll decide on the final topics in the morning at 9 am opening. You can use this link to start learning more about how to prepare for an UnConference. We have been collecting ideas and challenges on this padlet.

For other questions like parking, the actual building and the brown bag lunch, we made a FAQ. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any other questions or leave them as comments on the FAQ.

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UnConference Ideas!

This coming Friday November 17, 2017 at the IDEA Forge on the University of Colorado Boulder campus (across from the UC Law School), we will be holding our first UnConference!

You may be asking what’s an UnConference and why is is being held in the College of Engineering’s Idea Forge?

An UnConference is a different type of format than a conference. An UnConference has no keynote speakers, no predetermined panels and we’ll decide on the final topics in the morning at 9 am session. You can use this link to start learning more about how to prepare for an UnConference.

Here are the initial idea, challenges and tools we’ve collected through our RSVP

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The IDEA Forge at the University of Colorado Boulder seems like the ideal because of all the possibilities inherent in that type of open space.. We will be in the Engineering building and have two spaces reserved. We have half the Idea Forge Commons. Engineering students will have the other half. We also have the Project Based Learning Studio.

It’s not too late to join us – just RSVP and we’ll send you more information!

eLCC 2017 Strategic Planning Survey

Hello Everyone!

We are collecting input for our annual retreat on September 22, 2017.
Please give us your thoughts and ideas and please feel free to forward this link to any interested colleagues at your institution.



TLTS and PitchLX: Free Innovative Professional Development Opportunities Coming in October

October 12 PitchLX  and
October 13 Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium

Faculty and staff are invited to register for the 6th annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium (TLTS) to be held Friday, October 13, 2017, on the Auraria Campus, hosted by the MSU Denver Educational Technology Center. This year’s symposium introduces an exciting new format you won’t want to miss: instead of a traditional session and track-based event which is passive in nature, TLTS 2017 will challenge you to think critically, work collaboratively, and take an active role in shaping the event. In a single day, attendees will collaboratively Discover, Frame, Imagine, Prototype, Engage, and Reflect upon unique solution designs focused through the lens of one of three interest groups: Creativity & Design, Equity & Social Justice, or Leadership & Vision.

Additionally, the ITS Educational Technology Center (ETC) has been cultivating a collaborative network of partnerships in support of Prospective Innovations in Teaching and Learning Xperiences (PitchLX), to breed innovative thinking and cultivate ideas that meet the ever-changing expectations of students.

Open to all higher education professionals, and driven by a live pitch-off event on Thursday October 12, PitchLX will bring together a broad range of participants to deliver pitches for existing or theorized innovative ideas which have the potential to significantly shape the future of teaching and learning with technology (moonshots welcome). Following each pitch, a panel of expert judges will conduct a live Q&A/critique, and award points based on feasibility, creativity, sound pedagogy, and overall delivery. Prizes will be awarded and resources invested, so innovative thinking and preparation are critical and highly encouraged.

 Space for both events is limited, so register today!

2017 eLCC Annual Retreat

eLCC will be holding its annual retreat on Friday, September 22 at Front Range Community College in Westminster from 10 am – 3 pm.

The address is 3705 W 112th Ave. Westminster, CO 80031.
Here is a link to the google map.

The retreat will be held in the upper level of the College Hill Library in Room L211. Parking is free and you can park anywhere in the FRCC parking lots.

Please go to the library entrance on the second floor.

RSVP here or email Kae Novak

Nominations and Other Input Please

Hello Everyone,

It’s time to nominate the 4 year university co-chair. Please send in your nominations. We’ll take nominations up until August 15, 2017.

It’s also time to start discussing eLCC’s November Professional Development Day. Here’s a form where you send in your suggestions.

We’ll also have that open through August 15, 2017.


Kae Novak