eLCC and Educause Collaboration!!!!!

We’re doing a pervasive game with Educause’s Games & Learning Constituency Group at the 2018 conference in Denver. It’s a photoquest using the mobile app GooseChase.

The photoquest starts at Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention and ends at the Tivoli on Auraria Campus.

It opens at noon on Wednesday October 31 and closes Friday November 2 at 10 am.
You can play on your own anytime from now until 10 am on Friday.

If you would like to join us we’ll be doing the photoquest at 9 am on Friday November 2nd. We’ll meet at the Big Blue Bear and we’d ask that you RSVP so we will look for you.

If you would like to go it on your own download the mobile app GooseChase. Make a quick account and then look for our photoquest which is named Educause Games & Learning Photoquest. Our game code is NJEBK1.

There are 5 missions to this game which comprise taking pictures and posting them to twitter using the hashtags #edu18 and #photoquest.

We (eLCC) will be sending our eLCC plushies to 5 of the photoquest posters. The eLCC Awards Committee with help from a few other eLCC members will be doing
a judge’s choice for each of the photos.

If you would like to know more about how we created this photoquest or a template of how to do – contact Kae Novak kae.novak@frontrange.edu

2018 eLCC Retreat on Friday Sep 28th

Hello Everyone!

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday, September 28th from 8:30 am – 3 pm. If you can attend please RSVP over this Google Form.

If you have done so already please also fill out our eLCC Retreat Planning Suvery (http://bit.ly/elccretreatsurvey18) and feel free to share with any interested colleagues.

The retreat is from 830 am – 3 pm on the Westminster Campus of Front Range Community College. So it is longer than the monthly eLCC meetings.

The address is 3705 W 112th Ave. Westminster, CO 80031.
Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/pSy5TfUqisz

We even have a video to show you where in the library our meeting is located.

We’re calling it “Find the Door”. https://youtu.be/MBKjZcTYtE0


Hello Everyone,

We won’t be having a eLCC monthly meeting in August. Our next eLCC meeting will be our yearly retreat in September. So if you’d like to hang out with other eLCC members, your next opportunity will be this Wednesday August 1 or Thursday August 2 at the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference (COLTT) at the University of Colorado-Boulder Campus.

Let us know what you are presenting!

Here’s the schedule of events. If you are attending or even better presenting, please let us know. We know already that a number of our members will be doing tech as both Office Hours on Wednesday and yes – the Lightboard is back on Thursday in the Idea Forge.

If you want to follow the conference on twitter, the hashtag is #COLTT2018. I think you could also throw in a second hashtag of #ELCC too!

Feel free to add pictures or 90 second videos you take to the eLCC Flickr group.



July Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Tech Trek at our July meeting!
We began with an hour long Tech Trek (we’ll send you over to our road map document for our different stops).

eLCC Meeting Notes

What are the upcoming conferences and professional development for the rest of the year?

  • Flipgrid Live July 31 & August 1 – Free and Open
  • COLTT August 1 & 2
  • TLTS Metro October 5 – Free and Open
  • Connect (CCCOnline) October 12  – Free and Open
  • Assess-a-palooza (FRCC) October 12 – talk to Kae Novak if interested
  • AECT October 24 – October 27
  • Educause October 30 – Nov 2
    • Morning Exercise or Walking Event with Educause Special Interest Group
      • Do we want to help plan and facilitate this?
      • Day TBD
  • Biomimicry Institute – Nov 9 – Free and Open

We’ll be sending out emails within the week on the following:

Find Retreat Date and Place
eLCC annual conference will be April 17 – 19, 2018.
2 Year Nominations and Election will be sent out by Heather Tobin
Membership Dues will go out soon.

Hybrid consortium series

  • Contact institutional representative
  • Different ways of presenting
  • Carnegie clock hour

We won’t have a meeting in August so our next meeting will be our annual planning retreat in September!

Or meet us with other eLCCers at COLTT on August 1 and 2.



Tech Trek at Friday’s Meeting

We’re doing a Tech Trek for professional development at eLCC’s July 27th meeting.

Our first ever Tech Trek from 10 am – 1130 am MT will start in Zoom.

You’ll log into our Zoom BaseCamp between 10 am – 10:20 am.
Promptly at 10:30 we’ll start our Tech Trek.
We will climb as far as we can get by 11:30 am.

We start in Zoom, go to Google Hangout on Air Live, Discord,
then go to a FlipGrid grid, a Kahoot Quiz and end up on Periscope

Before the trek, please update your Chrome browser

Suggested Equipment:
1) Webcam
2) Having a second screen will make sure you can stay in touch with Basecamp and participate in events
3) A mobile device would be nice to use with Flipgrid, Kahoot and Periscope

Please invite your staff, faculty and instructor for the PD portion
Event Brite RSVP http://bit.ly/julyelccmeeting

July Meeting for eLearning Consortium of Colorado

Hello Everyone,

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado’s July 27 meeting will be virtual!

Our virtual meeting will take place on Friday 27 from 10 am until 1 pm.
This session will be in Zoom and for professional development (PD) we will be doing a
Tech Trek – so be ready to jump platforms.

Please invite your staff, faculty and instructor for the PD portion.
RSVP on Eventbrite http://bit.ly/julyelccmeeting

10 am – 11:30 am  Professional Development Portion – Tech Trek

Noon – 1 pm  eLCC Meeting Organizational Agenda Conferencing …when you just not there #Notatiste

What conferences are members going for the rest of the year?

  • TLTS
  • Connected (CCCOnline)
  • AECT
  • Educause
  • Biomimicry Institute – Nov 9

Find Retreat Date and Place

Dates for April Conference

2 Year Nominations and Election

Membership Dues

Report outs from the colleges

Research Survey Requested

Hello Everyone,

We have a research request from one of our members at CCD who also happens to be an advisee of our eLCC conference keynote, Brent Wilson.
Here is the information about her survey, please also share it with others at your institution.

My name is Aysenur Ozyer and I am a PhD student at the University of Colorado Denver. My dissertation examines how graduate students in IDT (Instructional Design and Technology) experience growth in their professional identities.
If you are a current master’s student in IDT, I invite you to participate in the study by completing the survey below. Your answers are anonymous. It will take about 15 mins of your time.

Survey link: https://ucdenver.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_899BYk0W3flTKmx

Thank you for your time and interest!
Aysenur Ozyer
Instructional Technologist
Teaching Learning Center
Community College of Denver