Next Meeting at UNC

The University of Northern Colorado is hosting the January eLCC monthly meeting on January 24th from 10-2:00. RSVP to Berniece Mitchell at (970-351-2885) no later than Wed, 1/22/14 and by Friday, 1/17/14 to receive a mailed parking pass. Otherwise, on the day of the meeting, you will have to come in to building get a pass, then return to car (not far, parking lot outside of the building).

In addition to our regular business meeting, there will be a presentation on the flipped classroom from Jerry Overmyer, Mathematics and Science Outreach Coordinator at the UNC Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute.

Jerry Overmyer is the creator of the Flipped Learning Network’s professional learning and community of practice with over 16,000 flipping members. Jerry will use his unique insight and expertise on flipped learning to show how flipped learning has evolved immensely in just 7 years. This presentation will show how the enormous changes in technology have allowed flipped learning to become accessible and feasible to almost all teachers and students. The presentation will define the basics of flipped learning, dispel some misconceptions, and show the easiest ways to take the first-steps towards flipping. Jerry will also show how the flipped community supports itself through networks, webinars and professional development opportunities.

Directions to UNC, Candelaria Hall, room 1375

– Proceed on I-25 to the US Highway 34 exit (labeled Loveland-Greeley).
– Take the exit, going east, on Highway 34.
– After five miles, remain on the Greeley/Ft Morgan route and continue east (Don’t take the business route exit)As you reach Greeley, look for the 11th Avenue intersection.
– Turn left and proceed 8 blocks. As you drive north on 11th avenue you will see the West Campus buildings to your left. The University Center is another block farther, and on your right.
– Turn left on 20th Street and proceed 3 blocks to 14th Avenue.
– Turn left on 14th Avenue and proceed to the stop sign.  The building on your left, across the corner from where you are stopped, is Candelaria Hall, your destination.
– Enter the building through the door facing west, towards the north end of the building and proceed to the elevator.  Go up one floor and turn right when you exit the elevator.