February Meeting Summary

Regis University was pleased to host the February 2014 eLCC monthly meeting. Approximately 27 people attended including eLCC members and Regis University faculty and staff. After approval of January meeting minutes, Kathy Keairns launched into two professional development presentations.Regis Campus Pic

The first presentation was by Dr. Cheryl Kruschke, Associate Professor of Nursing at the Rueckert Hartman College for Health Professions. Cheryl took attendees on a tour of VoiceThread and its use in Nursing financial courses. VoiceThread provides a method for adding audio comments to PowerPoint slides. Cheryl stated that she has had overwhelmingly positive results. Nursing students, normally reticent about audio comments, warmed up quickly to the technology.

The second session was presented by Drs. Tim Noteboom and Heidi Eigsti, professors at the School of Physical Therapy at the College for Health Professions. Tim and Heidi presented on results of a study examining the perceived effectiveness of using audio-enhanced presentations (AEPs). Survey results were mixed, with students preferring AEPs that were presented in an enthusiastic manner and that were a good fit for the topic. Tim and Heidi then played several example slides from a course that was singled out as using AEPs in an exemplary manner. The AEP presentation stimulated a spirited discussion on AEP best practices, technologies, and pedagogy.

After a boxed lunch, Kathy and Jean focused on remaining agenda items that included co-chair nominations, an April conference update, and institutional updates. Complete meeting minutes will be posted on the eLCC website.

After meeting adjournment, several eLCCers took a stroll of the Regis campus before heading home. Thank you, eLCC, for allowing Regis to host your fabulous organization for a day.

Submitted by:

Jeffrey Getchell, EdD
Director, RHCHP Learning Technologies
Regis University