2017 Awards Cleaning Up the Front Door for FRCC Online Students

Cleaning Up the Front Door for FRCC Online Students

Project Description
Knowing new online students have First Gen characteristics, like lack of connection and unfamiliarity with our systems, we created a required orientation in D2L to appropriately onboard this population. Orientation attendance increased from 100 per semester to over 2200. Most importantly the success data behind this initiative is irrefutable!

Alignment with eLCC mission
Through collaboration, innovation, networking, and problem solving we not only brought Student Affairs to the world of online learning, but we specifically integrated what works in Student Affairs to the learning environment of D2L. This project is a successful example of leveraging technology to ready students for meaningful online learning.

Name of Team Members
Andy Ornberg
Chico Garcia
Alex Geis
Kaitlin Luna
Erin Trujillo


Link to D2L LMS
eLCC members can use “eLCC.Student” for both the user ID and password to login.
Once they login, they will see a page where a document is posted that shows information on outcomes for students who complete the Orientation to Online Learning. Below that document, there is a link that will take the users into the orientation so they can explore it and see exactly how it is put together.

Vote for the 2017 eLCC Learning Technologies Award at http://bit.ly/elccvote17