D2L December Daylight Upgrade 2018 Nomination

D3U (D2L December Daylight Upgrade)
Instructional Design & Technology
Regis University

Project Description
The team orchestrated and implemented a major upgrade to the Desire2Learn user interface, dramatically altering the way courses appeared in instructor and student course home pages. The project’s remarkable success was directly attributable to the strategic use of organizational change management tools, resulting in minimal disruption to students and instructors.

Alignment with eLCC mission
The interdepartmental project team used collaboration, problem solving, and innovative methods from project inception through completion. The synergism provided by the strategic combination these traits led to overwhelming project success, with minimal disruption. It is these same traits which provide the bedrock upon which the eLCC is based.

Name of Team Members
Denise Copeland
Vinnie Iannuzzi
Adam Gardner,
Doug Emmerich
Carl Kinney

Team Picture









One Minute Video

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