ECE Z courses: Phase I

2018 eLearning Technologies Team Award Winner

ECE Z courses: Phase I
CCCO Early Childhood Education OER redevelopment

Project Description
Our intrepid adventure started with seven subject matter experts (SMEs), six instructional designers, and eight weeks to develop seven courses based entirely on open educational resources. Our goal was converting seven ECE courses to z course formats, which do not require textbooks or students fees for digital content

Alignment with eLCC mission
This project aligns with eLCC through its leveraging of existing online open educational resources to reduce the cost of digital content for our students. Additionally this project is the embodiment of the collaboration, innovation, and problem solving that is the hallmark of eLCC and its members.

Name of Team Members

  • Bridgitt Mitchell
  • Diane Burtlow-Trujillo
  • Vail Shoultz-McCole
  • Ashante Butcher
  • Maureen Porter
  • Lisa Straight
  • Melanie Gilbertson
  • Benjamin Kohntopp
  • Kathleen Sindt
  • KristiThorland
  • Lee Tran
  • Grace Whiteaker
  • Brittany Dudek
  • Kae Novak
  • Chris Luchs