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The eLCC invites your participation as a sponsor at the 28th Annual Conference at the Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, Colorado April 12 – 14, 2017. With participants from all over Colorado and the nation, this conference provides an ideal opportunity to display your product or service to a targeted audience. You are strongly encouraged to sign up early! You must FULLY complete this form including the details on your conference presentation at the original time you submit your request to participate in this conference. To be included in the final conference program payment must reach us by March 11, 2017. Due to its widely acclaimed success we are continuing to offer a sponsors track during the concurrent sessions. You have the opportunity to meet for 45 minutes with participants who want in-depth, detailed information about your product or service as a part of the exhibit fee. To increase traffic flow all breaks are served in the exhibit area.  During designated times you may conduct drawings and distribute prizes.

Platinum Level – $2000

Includes all offerings at the Silver level plus an imprint of your logo with the eLCC logo on conference bags.

Gold Level – $1000

Includes all offerings at the Silver level plus sponsorship for one breakfast or the welcome reception. Gold sponsors will be recognized with table cards bearing the company name and logo on each dining table at the breakfast. For the reception, your company name will be printed on cocktail napkins.

Silver Level – $500

Includes booth/table space in the exhibit area and an optional 45 minute presentation during the conference. This option also includes one conference registration for one person (includes all meals), recognition in the conference program, on our web site, and through appropriate signage and announcements during the conference.

Bronze Level – $300

Includes recognition in the conference program and on our web site. Corporate literature will be placed on a resource table.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Application Form

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Please select the way(s) in which you would like to support the eLCC 28th Annual Conference:
Sponsorship Level

Platinum Level – $2,000 Gold Level – $1,000 Silver Level – $500 Bronze Level – $300

Door Prize

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Invoice Contact Information

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To be included in the final conference program full payment is due by
March 11, 2017 to:

eLearning Consortium of Colorado

Kim Larson-Cooney, Director of Community Education
c/o Arapahoe Community College
5900 So. Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO  80160-9002

Not doing a presentation (Exhibit Table Level only)? Go to bottom of form.

Presentation Information 

Presenter(s) will be
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If you are conducting a presentation during the conference, please complete the following information.
Sessions last 45 minutes. Laptop, speakers, internet connection, and projector will be available for your session with the
standard Microsoft Office Suite during the conference. Other programs may be available upon request. All fields must be
completed in full if you intend to present at the conference.

Title of presentation

Abstract of presentation (50 word limit, for final conference program)

Outline of Presentation (include statement of purpose and expected outcomes)

I will submit an electronic copy of my presentation and handouts for inclusion on the Conference Proceedings to be posted on the eLCC website. Please email your presentation and materials to pnovak@du.edu Thanks.


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Remember to also register for the conference as well.


Reminder: If you intend to use one of the 45 minute presentation times, this form must be completed IN FULL at the original time of submission. Do not complete the General Presentation Submittal form. This form contains your presentation information, however,  DO register for the conference.