2017 Awards Embedded Office Hours

Embedded Office Hours

Project Description
To better serve faculty, ID&T staff started holding on-site office hours in the colleges we serve. The presence of a developer or designer has promoted a better understanding of ID&T’s services through casual conversation and convenient proximity. Busy faculty also appreciate the immediacy of help available right outside their offices.

Alignment with eLCC mission
The Embedded Office Hours project has resulted in greater networking, collaboration, innovation and problem solving between faculty course developers and ID&T staff. These traits, in total, form the bedrock upon which eLCC is based. The project allows ID&T to greatly enhance online courses through direct contact with developers.

Name of Team Members
Alex Benedict
Yvonne Bogard
Doug Emmerich
Andrea Fitzsimmons
Jill Giacomini
Ed Johnsen
Violetta Miles
Ling Thompson
Nicole Marcisz
Carl Kinney
Lauren Skuba

elcc-3 from Jeff Getchell on Vimeo.


ID & T Embedded Office Hours Link

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