2017 Awards Escape Room

Solve the Puzzle of Open Assessment: Escape (the Room) with Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) and Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

Project Description
Wondering how open assessment can fit into your class? To solve that puzzle, this team invited faculty to come play a mobile enhanced Escape Room with technology based clues. Along with escaping the room, faculty left with a digital template to make their own Escape Room. And they did!

Alignment with eLCC mission
This collaborative team of quant jocks, techies, behaviorists and social constructivists used their extended network to problem solve how to do open assessment that could be adapted to most courses. The team innovatively leveraged microscopes, the Internet, mobile devices and tradecraft-style encryption to make learning and assessment engaging and meaningful.

Name of Team Members
Krystan Grant
Kae Novak
Marcus Fowler
Mary Siems
Maggie Richards
Julie Berenger
Donna Hall
John Heisel


Escape the Room Padlet

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