Technology Literacy

In the spirit of rapid response to current events, eLCC members were part of TLT Friday Live group weekly webinars in 2017. The topic has been “Fake News” and “Alternate Facts” Undermine Education: What Can We Do? and “Fake News, Facts, Education, Government …and Truth” Part 2  eLCCers were there discussing algorithms, search engine optimization and even our new rapid responses to current events.

Here are some of the resources produced:

Info Lit Resources
Evaluating News
Fake News Lib Guide

Tech & Info Lit Resources
Fake New and Alternative Facts – A Work in Progress
TLT Fake News Full Brainstorming Record

The Technology Literacy Special Interest Group collaborated with the ISTE Games and Sims Network for a Rapid Response Hangout on Game Prompts for Classroom Discussion of Fake News and Alt Facts from an information and technology literacy lens.  Click on the link for the recording.


It seems the definition of technology literacy is a moving target.


The Colorado Department of Education definition is quoted on several institutions of higher education, yet the link on the Colorado state website is not always accessible.

While the closest we have received from Department of Education is 2016 National Education Technology Plan.

The U.S. Office of Educational Technology in the Department of Education reports on a “digital use divide gap” (2016, p. 5) in the 2016 National Education Technology Plan. The divide is between learners who use technology for passive consumption and learners who use technology actively and creatively (U.S. Office of Education Technology, 2016, p. 5).

What are the terms technology literacy, the right words? Or is digital literacy better? What about about media literacy? Should information literacy be included in it?

And when you look at other standards like the ISTE standards for students have they become overly broad?

This special interest group will look to find an answer over the next year! Are you
interested? Email Chris Luchs


U.S. Office of Educational Technology, U.S Department of Education (2016). Future ready learning: Reimaging the role of technology in education. Retrieved from