The Liminal (eLCC Journal)


We have organizing committee for an academic journal for eLCC. Want to join us? Contact if you are interested in working with this group.

Journal Name
The Liminal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology and Education

The term, liminality, refers to a transitional period in which existing power structures, political views, cultural attitudes, traditions, and rituals exist in a state of flux, waiting to be shifted to or be dissolved in a new ideological paradigm. The concept is studied in cultural and social anthropology, as well as in religious studies, for the understanding of how humans make decisions that can change society in moments of uncertainty.

As a noun, the liminal refers to an uncertain moment that is pregnant with a myriad of possibilities, and from those possibilities which will come to fruition as future outcomes has yet to be determined.

We decided on The Liminal as the eLCC journal title because the concept signifies the journal’s intentions:

  1. The journal shall serve to capture trends in research and practicum of the use of technology in education, and pose questions, critiques, and projections of the future outcomes of those trends, which exist in moments of uncertainty.
  2. The journal shall recommend innovative pedagogies that utilize technology to facilitate the learning experience. The journal shall acknowledge whether some of those innovative pedagogies will become part of educational policies remain to be seen.
  3. The journal shall publish forecasts of educational futures that are based on observations of new technological developments, which are always in flux.

More on The Liminal and Analogue

Proposed Timeline
Call for Proposals – Open now!
First Issue – April 2019

The Liminal is hosted by the University of Denver
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