Multiculturalism and Equity

Multiculturalism and Equity Sessions at eLCC Conference 2018


145 pm An Opportunity for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Open Educational Resources (OER)
Bridgitt Mitchell, Kae Novak @kzenovka and Chris Luchs @NorthMetroTech

2 pm Teaching Faculty about Universal Design and Accessibility through OSM (pronounced “awesome”) Course
Kate Miller

3 pm Creating Accessible World Documents
Diane Montelegre

3 pm Are They Really Faculty? Issues of Equity and Career Support for Online Instructors
Brent Wilson and Kae Novak @kzenovka

430 pm Teaching in a Globalized Classroom
Anna Gibbs


830 am Learning Ethics with Game, Fallout Shelter
Sherry Jones @autnes

Multiculturalism and Equity Sessions at eLCC Conference 2017


330 pm Digital Diversity
We assume that our students come to us as seasoned explorers of the digital universe. But at Community College of Aurora, many new students have never touched a computer! Address the diversity in digital access and proficiency that
can present obstacles to learners.

Room Peak 3


10 am Social Activism through Mobile Apps and Games

Increasingly, mobile apps and games are being designed or used for social activism online. This hands-on session will 1) introduce mobile apps and games that can
provide learners perspectives on complex, social issues; 2) recommend
pedagogical methods that encourage learners to create social commentaries
via design of apps and games.



We collaborated on rapid response on Friday February 3 on educational activities and games on the immigrant and refugee experience.  

Game Based Learning, Social Issues and Multiculturalism Hangout Fri Feb 3 at 8 pm

Click on this link for full resources and more information.

Hashtags to follow are #NoMuslimBan #NoBanNoWall


This special interest group focuses on diversity, multicultural education and global collaboration to give all our students access to participation in their learning, educational systems and world. We believe it is the responsibility of all educators to understand and appreciate the value of diversity and include multicultural education, equity and social justice in their teachings.

The group was formed to:

Explore and express the value of diversity, inclusiveness and equity that is needed in education

Be a conduit for having a more global awareness and collaboration

Disseminate information and educational strategies

Develop material and activities that eLCC members can share with their institutions

Our objective is to provide technologically mediated educational strategies and opportunities for multiculturalism, diversity, inclusiveness and equity that use and leverage technology.

Next Steps

  • Build up resources on website
  • Present and discuss at the eLCC Conference
  • Outreach
  • Monthly Topics
  • Online/Hybrid Symposium this year

This group works to inspire thoughtful discussion as well as action aimed to ensure
access and opportunities for all learning. We challenge the status quo while providing consistent information and actionable resources to better help educators make equitable choices especially in providing access to their students to alternate viewpoints and voices.

Contact Katie if you are interested being part and
collaborating with this group.