Al Powell Nominations


Albert Powell
Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Director, Learning Technologies
Nominee eLearning Technologist of the Year 2015

Dr. Al Powell, Director of Learning Technologies at OnlinePlus, has a proven track record as an extraordinary collaborator and networker who has earned respect within CSU and the learning technologies industry.  I realize Al won this award at eLCC 4 years ago, but nevertheless, he deserves recognition for the hard work and dedication he has shown to OnlinePlus and eLearning community.

Al goes above and beyond by serving on the Classroom Review Board, the OnlinePlus Leadership Team, ACNS technology committees, and the Classroom Equipment Services group.

“Al is an outstanding, conscientious and superbly creative professional. Unflinchingly positive in the face of increasing demands and ‘black swan’ technology challenges, Al always provides top-notch support that is an essential ingredient for our online programs.”

– James Pritchett, Assistant VP for Engagement

In the finest tradition of CSU, Dr. Powell is highly conscious of the need to do more with less. In doing so, he has used his many industry and professional connections to find or negotiate the best price for technologies. As just one of many examples, he has instituted a Control Room concept that maximizes the number of classes a student can efficiently monitor, thus reducing payroll and extending distance learning resources.

“The online environment at CSU has undergone tons of changes over the last several years. Despite all the twists and turns, Al Powell has always risen to the challenge of trying to find effective solutions for everyone’s problems.”

– Stuart Tobet, Director, School of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Powell’s duties at CSU and his contributions to national and state organizations keep him extremely busy. Yet he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to his colleagues, the University, and his profession by working to resolve issues as they come up – even during off hours or while traveling. He has addressed issues in his unit deftly, considerately, and professionally, bringing his fellow administrative professionals up to the highest standards of excellence. He has compassion for the unit’s busy and sometimes struggling students and shares a desire to see them improve their outlook on balancing work, school, and family life. He supports them even in the face of failures and helps them grow from the experience.

“The interest that Al has invested in not only my professional development but personal growth as well exemplifies the amount of character he has both in and out of the workplace. Al brings enthusiasm and positivity with him into the workplace every single day.”

– Jacob Schwebach, CSU Student