Andrea Fitzsimmons

andreaelccAndrea Fitzsimmons
Regis University, Instructional Design and Technology
Senior Instructional Technologist
Nominee eLearning Technologist of the Year 2015

Andrea Fitzsimmons is a Senior Instructional Technologist with the Department of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) at Regis University. In this position, Andrea has continually impressed her colleagues and customers with a positive attitude and tireless work ethic. Andrea will answer a challenging assignment by asking “how do we make this happen” rather than “this may not work”. Regardless of her workload or myriad time constraints, Andrea will willingly and cheerfully volunteer to assist others in the development of online course materials.

One example that stands out is her co-leadership in the Innovation Project. This was a department-level project where she and a colleague produced a framework to assist the IDT department in bringing together multiple department projects into a single, shareable resource. The Innovation Project framework used cloud-based resources for the systematic sharing of ideas among colleagues and customers.

Andrea was also the developer of the department website and logo. The IDT department is the result of the merging of two instructional support units from different colleges. The new website was vital in branding the newly-formed department, providing a unified face to IDT customers while greatly assisting in the transitioning of the two individual support units into a new department that supports all faculty and staff course developers across the institution.

On top of her many institutional contributions, Andrea is also pursuing a Masters of Science in Education degree. She has applied several of her degree program experiences into her work activities. This has greatly benefited co-workers, course development customers, as well as the IDT department in general.

In her position as an Instructional Technologist, Andrea provides support to all online course delivery modalities including online, hybrid and supplemental delivery. Although she continuously incorporates innovation into each of her course development projects, there is one example in particular that stands out. In the course Natural Science, Physical Geology, students are taken on a virtual field trip. The course features interactive Knowledge Checks throughout, along with the simulated video-based field trips. A variety of creative elements are embedded into the course, including a field trip to “Dinosaur Ridge”. The trip uses postcards, with stamps for each field trip highlight. A video plays each time the student rolls over a stamp thumbnail for that portion of the field trip. The virtual field trip is the same trip that a student would take in a campus-based classroom.

Andrea primarily works with faculty course developers in the School of Humanities (SOH) to develop online courses and associated artifacts. One of her current projects is working with SOH course developers to redesign the overall course format for the school. However, Andrea’s technical skills make her a frequent resource for department coworkers and others to assist with university-wide academic programs.

In summary, Andrea’s work in the development of online course artifacts using a variety of instructional technologies has had a significant impact across the institution. Her innovative approach to course development and a can-do attitude has positively influenced everyone she works with. Andrea has continuously excelled in her role as Senior Instructional Technologist, whether in the development of an innovative course artifact to immerse students in a faraway land, or in the design of a website to assist customers. For these reasons, it is with great pleasure that I nominate Andrea Fitzsimmons for the 2015 eLCC Support Person of the Year award.