Brandon Poulliot Nomination

BrandonelccBrandon Poulliot
Front Range Community College
Instructional Design Assistant
Nominee eLearning Technologist of the Year 2015

There are a variety of reasons that I feel Brandon should be awarded the eLCC eLearning Technologist Support Person of the Year. I will highlight the two that I feel most embody this award. First and foremost, is the way that Brandon approaches support for our faculty in their quest of using educational technology. Whether an instructor needs help with getting information into a PowerPoint or putting content into D2L or figuring out why a quiz is not working, Brandon is there to assist in a friendly, non-judgmental manner. This allows for Brandon to quickly build relationships with individuals seeking assistance, allowing for him to break down barriers to get to the root of what is needed for them to be successful. He does not do this in a one size fits all approach, but approaches each situation and individual separately. This approach has earned him many kudos of thanks and a following of folks that know he is there to support them – whatever their question might be. Second, Brandon is a leader within our FRCC Instructional Design and Educational Technology team. He is quick to take the lead when volunteers are needed for time-sensitive projects (e.g. testing upgrades in the LMS, streamlining process and forms, communicating with users (students and faculty) about system impacts, working on OL course enrollment strategies, testing of new tools/ideas for student success, etc…). When working on projects, he always has the end user experience in mind and is able to balance that need with the needs and constraints of our framework

As Instructional Design Assistant, Brandon supports all methods of eLearning (fully online, hybrid and supplement) at two FRCC’s Boulder and Westminster campuses, as well as online via our Faculty Learning Community and email, and phone. As mentioned above, he provides this support in a friendly and non-judgmental manor. His work also includes being a liaison to our OL Student Retention Specialists. This past year, Brandon has worked with this team to brainstorm and test how LMS functions might assist with building student success and retention. This group is currently engaged in an Intelligent Agent pilot for student success and Brandon serves as their technical advisor and troubleshooter. He was instrumental is getting the nuts and bolts of the project identified and off the ground.

Brandon has had a positive impact in eLearning at FRCC for many reasons, but most specifically as described above. He has the ability to approach any situation, break it down to the root and identify a solution for success. I hear many compliments for the support that Brandon provides and the difference that he makes for Front Range Community College.