Marianne Bauer Nomination

marianne elcc

Marianne Bauer
Colorado State University OnlinePlus
Media Coordinator
Nominee eLearning Technologist of the Year 2015

Marianne has command of the most important technologies involved in distance learning. Whether it’s web conferencing, lecture capture, web-delivered audio, chat or LMS systems such as Blackboard and Canvas, she simply deals with it and makes it work. More than that, she is unfailingly gracious and helpful to faculty and to the 25 students she recruits, hires and trains every semester. She is a true class act and is appreciated by every person she interacts with.

Marianne has primary responsibility for recruiting and training 25 students every term. These students range from freshman to graduate students, and they serve as operators for the computer and A//V systems used in our distance courses. She takes a personal interest in every student, and monitors both their work assignments and personal challenges. If any student is having a tough time, Marianne will take them under her wing and do her best to help with personal support or get them in touch with professional counseling. She takes a genuine interest in every person she works with.

Her skills include IT training, so she is an effective troubleshooter with network and wireless network problems. She is familiar with all our classroom remote control systems and trains student operators in their use. She works with faculty individually to train them and make them comfortable with Smartboards, Sympodiums, Echo360 classroom capture appliances and Personal Capture software. She also troubleshoots and helps faculty and students with problems involving our course platforms, Blackboard and Canvas. Most of these technologies and systems deliver online class materials to students in distance locations. She also supports campus students and faculty with technology as needed to help them succeed.

Marianne has been a real blessing at the institutional level in improving our relationship with campus faculty. She is unfailingly patient and thorough in helping them become familiar with classroom technology and its use in distance education. When faculty encounter problems, she is available at the touch of a cell phone to troubleshoot. She is a highly effective and considerate team member.

In a broader context, Marianne invests extra time and effort to get more involved in professional circles. She has broadened her professional contacts through activity in eLCC and has a new position as Treasurer of the Colorado Distance Learning Assocation. She has made a number of presentations at professional meetings and is actively building her own personal network of contacts.