Robert Cartelli Nomination


Robert Cartelli
Colorado Mountain College
Nominee eLearning Educator of the Year 2015

I have worked with Robert in this capacity of online instruction for 2 years, but he has experience in incorporating technology in his classes as face to face, hybrid, or fully online for nearly 10 years.

Robert incorporates team projects in his Marketing courses into his fully online course using google hang outs and google docs extensively. He conducts his course like a business with weekly action plans and deliverables. Additionally, Robert tries new media in his courses rather than relying solely on text such as using videos created by students for discussions and assignments.

Robert Cartelli promotes student success by considering work load, individual goals, and talking with students in his program to help them in their current classes and plan for upcoming courses. Robert organizes his classes to help students succeed such as giving students opportunities to practice content by retaking quizzes until the due date for that unit. He provides prompt feedback on assignments, and he effectively uses course assessments to give the students real-world scenarios such as first analyzing case studies and then utilizing their knowledge of course concepts in a team game in MAR446 and MAR 326.

Robert exudes a positive can-do attitude in his approach to designing content for his courses. When Robert is aware that students may be overworked in a semester, he is willing to brainstorm ways to help students get a jump start to the semester. Robert utilizes technology not only in his online courses but uses those resources like video and collaborate to help students succeed no matter the delivery format.

Robert not only sets high academic standards but actively supports his students to achieve these standards by going the extra mile. Robert is not simply satisfied with the status quo of his courses, but in a final assignment, students provide him thoughtful feedback on assignments to help him envision and design better learning experiences for his students in the future. He also seeks support and feedback on a regular basis from the Instructional Chair for Online Learning. For example, he openly shared the written feedback from students in two online courses in the summer of 2013 by mailing them directly to the Instructional Chair for Online Learning.

Robert openly shares his courses and methods with people on the campus in both professional development opportunities but also water cooler chats. He participates in building common assessments for the program and regularly volunteers to help as needed in both course development on his own and in collaboration with others. He is passionate about his students’ success and it becomes infectious among his peers.