Sherry Jones Nomination

sherryelccSherry Jones
Arapahoe Community College
Winner eLearning Educator of the Year 2015

For 8 years, Sherry has taught online, blended and F2F classes in the Colorado Community College System and at the University of Colorado – Denver. She teaches English Composition, Reading, and Philosophy. She has conducted professional development for her peers at the Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College and CCCOnline.

Sherry’s passion for innovation and student success has driven her to become proficient in many different tools and techniques. Throughout her career, she has pioneered using various technologies in her classes such as storify, screen capture, game based learning, badges, tweetchats, Google Hangouts, MOOCs and more. The focus of all these technologies were to increase student engagement and success in her project based learning classes. She is a master of fully online, hybrid, and traditional class instruction.

In each of her classes, Sherry strives to ensure that her students not only learn key concepts, but also apply them and demonstrate mastery of competencies by creating multimodal content. In her classes, students learn that rhetoric and composition are not limited to the classroom or term papers. They are introduced to a variety of materials to address their learning styles and apply rhetoric and composition concepts in her class. She has introduced students to web comics, mind maps, Instagram, web animation, podcasts, MOOCs and other tools as a way to show them the variety of ways rhetoric and composition appears in their lives as well as assisting students into becoming creators of their own content.

Sherry’s unending passion for innovation and student success really sets her apart from her peers. Sherry is one of the most innovative instructor that I have known. She uses technology to open the world to her students. Sherry has always been an outstanding online adjunct faculty member. She has consistently been a high performing instructor and is always willing to try out new technology and share her lessons learned with her peers. Sherry always volunteers to take on pilot projects and is a strong collaborator who has helped many projects and initiatives succeed.

In her classes, Sherry is the model instructor for engaging and re-engaging her students, providing timely and prompt feedback on submissions, and making herself available for students. Not only are her students learning and mastering competencies, they are also actively engaged and challenged to demonstrate creativity, innovation, utilize digital media communications and virtual collaboration, master research and information fluency, and apply critical thinking skills to projects. Not only does Sherry teach with technology, her students learn how to use class technologies effectively and leave her class as a member of today’s participatory culture.

No matter what the class, project, problem, or event is; Sherry always brings her positive energy, enthusiasm, and focus on student success.

Sherry has always performed exemplary when it comes to service to her institution and peers. In addition to raising CCCS awareness through scholarly publications, Sherry is a regular presenter at eLCC, CoLTT, CCCOnline Connect, and other local, state and regional professional development events where she shares her innovations, results, and next steps. She is always a willing collaborator, who not only helps with implementation but proposes solutions to any problems or challenges that arise.

In addition to her normal duties as an instructor, Sherry has also developed and led three Online book clubs that have helped hundreds of educators around the world learn about Games Studies and Interactive Fiction.

At Arapahoe Community College, Sherry wrote and won a $88,351 Immersive Learning Grant from CCCS and used those funds to create the Rhetoric and Games MOOC (rgMOOC) as a creative commons licensed game based learning supplemental for ENG122 courses. She developed two iterations of the rgMOOC, which was used by over 200 students and educators.