eLCC 2019 Keynote

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado Conference Committee is proud to announce that the conference keynote will be Dr. Michael Kevin Hernandez.

Dr. Michael K. Hernandez was born to Cuban-American parents. He received multiple degrees in meteorology, applied mathematics, business, and information systems. He earned his doctorate in computer science from Colorado Technical University.  Michael specializes his work in analyzing large weather data sets, like hurricane forecasts. He has been working on teaching computers how to interpret millions of words to improve hurricane forecasts. He is innovating new solutions to store, transmit, and read data. In fact, he holds patents on these technologies. Michael is a also works to promote diversity and inclusion in STEM.

Biomimicry Day: Interdisciplinary Design

Biomimicry Day: Interdisciplinary Design

Come join educators on Friday April 12 from 10 am to 2:30 pm in L200 College Hill Library at the Westminster Campus on Front Range Community College (FRCC).

Biomimicry Day at FRCC is an event for curious educators to take an interdisciplinary approach to introducing our students to the emerging field of biomimicry and viewing biological phenomena from a new perspective. Biomimicry (from bios meaning life and mimesis meaning to imitate) is a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems ranging from medicines to traffic to economy to sustainable urban growth. (Sustainability Leaders Network, n.d.)

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Upcoming eLCC Events

On Wednesday, March 20 eLCC attended Regis University Learning Technology Fair and here’s the events we shared!

These are open to all eLCC member instituions, faculty, instructors, staff and students.

Biomimicry Day
April 12, 2019

eLCC  Conference
April 17 – 19, 2019
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Algorithms of Oppression
May/June Book Club
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Book Club along with AR/VR Interest Group
Immersion/Science Fiction




9th Annual Regis University Teaching and Learning with Technology Fair

Hello, fellow eLCCers,

All eLCCers are invited to the 9th Annual Regis University Teaching and Learning with Technology Fair, being held March 13th from 10-2 in the Mountain View Room of Peter Claver Hall. For those having attended in past years, this is the same place as before.

The Fair highlights the variety of learning technologies being used to enhance teaching and learning in Regis campus-based and online classrooms. All Fair presenters are Regis University faculty and staff who freely share their classroom technology solutions. Many of those presenting are winners of Teaching and Learning with Technology Micro-grants.

The TLTF format is similar to a vendor fair, with display areas set up for each presenter. Presenters demonstrate their learning technology while answering questions on its use in the classroom. Last year’s event featured faculty and staff from all five colleges as well as the Library, ITS, and eLearning Consortium of Colorado!

Check out the archive of past fairs, including video interviews with several eLCC attendees, by heading over to the LT Fair website. Plenty of pizza for all and lots of vendor handouts and freebies.

Hope you can join us. –Jeff

Jeffrey Getchell, Ed.D.
Director, Instructional Design & Technology
3333 Regis Blvd., Denver, CO 80221
P 303.964.5429  |  F 303.964.5436  

Thank you to Regis University!!!!!

We’d like to thank all the Regis University people for hosting us last Friday for our monthly eLCC meeting!

We started with a presentation from Bob Spagnola and Tom Yagos on how they are holding synchronous debates using Zoom with their business students in online classes. Which resulted us in discussing on having a Zoom online conference.
Here’s a little more on our visit from Kathy Keairns (University of Denver)’s blog.

We then went to the College of Business and Economics’ Innovation Center with Ken Sagendorf, Professor and Director of the Innovation Center.

We’re looking forward to returning to Regis University on Wednesday March 13th
for their 9th Annual Regis University Teaching and Learning Technology Fair.

February 22 Meeting at Regis University

Regis University looks forward to hosting the next eLCC monthly meeting on February 22nd. The long range forecast indicates warm, sunny weather so we hope you can attend.

Stuff to know

When: Friday, February 22nd, 10-2 pm

Where: Regis University, Mod 185 (also known as Classroom A-185 and Annex A2), located on the northwest end of Lot 5.

Downloadable map available at:


Interactive map available at:


Parking (All parking lots are fee-based. Kiosks take credit cards and cash):

  • Best bet: Park in Lot 6 (always available parking) and take the free campus shuttle to Mod 185.
  • For walkers: Park in Lot 6 (always available parking), walk to the athletic field chain link fence and head northwest through Lot 7 to Lot 5. Mod 185 is on the north side of Lot 5.
  • For gamblers: Take your chances parking in Lot 7 (Lot 5 is for residential students only). Mod 185 is a short walk up the hill on the northwest side of Lot 5.

Lunch: Box lunches provided if you RSVP to jgetchell001@regis.edu by February 19th. We’ll do our best to accommodate special dietary requests, if specified.

Professional development: Two activities are planned. First, a presentation on the use of Zoom for debates. We’ll then take a short walk to Clarke Hall for a tour of the Anderson College of Business Innovation Center.

Regis University


General questions: Jeff Getchell, jgetchell001@regis.edu, 303-964-5429

Jeffrey Getchell, Ed.D.

Director, Instructional Design & Technology

303•964•5429 (x5429)

Virtual Writing Sprint for CFPs and More

Hello Everyone,

You are invited to virtual writing sprints Monday February 11 and February 18, 2019 from 6 pm to 730 pm MT.

This is being sponsored by AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology) Graduate Student Assembly to encourage ….writing, research and practice in educational technology and instructional design. Everyone working in ed tech, ID and online learning is invited.

We’ll be using the hashtag #aectgsa and also #shutupandwrite (yes it’s a thing) over twitter and we’ll also have Zoom http://bit.ly/febshutupandwrite open.

During the ninety minutes, we’ll have 4 writing prompts for our 15 – 20 sprints. Of course, if get in the zone for writing, you can just continue on.

Proposals for the April eLCC conference are due on Feb 18th. You could get started on Mon Feb 11 and finish up on Feb 18.

Here’s other conferences/journals that have similar deadlines.

Feb 11th Due Date

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education #vwbpe
Exhibit submissions due 11 Feb 2019

Immersive Experiences due 11 Feb 2019

Feb 18th Due Dates

AECT #aect19

Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Academic Research for Instructional Design and Educational Technology

eLearning Consortium of Colorado #eLCC
Call for Proposals for eLCC deadline February 18, 2019

The Liminal Journal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology and Education
Call for Research Papers, Graduate Papers and Book Reviews



All the links you need for the eLCC Conference

The eLCC Conference will take place Wednesday April 17 – 19, 2019.

Call for Proposals for eLCC extended to March 18, 2019

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eLCC Annual Awards – extended until March 8, 2019

eLCC eLearning Educator of the Year

eLCC Advocate of the Year

eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award

Hotel Registration rates valid until March 18, 2019

We are looking for papers and book reviews for the first edition of The Liminal Call: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology In Education – deadline February 18, 2019

We are also looking for reviewers for The Liminal Call: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology In Education here’s the Reviewer Sign-up.

How Higher Education Should Respond to Fake News and the Post-Truth World

The Liminal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology in Education

We are pleased to announce The Liminal journal’s inaugural call for papers! The journal’s first issue is on “How Higher Education Should Respond to Fake News and the Post-Truth World.” All accepted papers will be published as open access on DU’s Digital Commons. For more details, please see our:


Deadline for Submissions

Final Call for Submission: February 18, 2019

Revisions Due: March 15, 2019

We publish peer-reviewed papers, case studies, reflections on current issues, reviews of books, reviews of games, comments on articles and discussions related to the mission of the journal. We expect this online open access journal to be in a state of perpetual beta just like technology and education are.

The publication language of the journal is English with selected pieces translated into French. We encourage inclusion of bilingual terms, quotes and references.

**The Liminal journal is officially indexed on UPenn.eduCFPListPaperleapH-NetBrownWalkerWikiCFP, and other calls for papers academic databases.

For More Info go the The Liminal Journal site.