eLCC Virtual March Meeting at CCCOnline

We’d like to thank Chris Luchs, Farah Bennani and CCCOnline for hosting the eLCC virtual meeting on Friday.

The 2017 awards were announced! Click on the slideshow to see the list of all the nominees for eLCC Educator of the Year, eLCC Advocate of the Year and the nominations for the first ever eLCC

Conference Update!

This is your last call to register for the 29th annual eLCC set for Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado. http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/conference-registration/

Kim Larson-Cooney will be sending out a call for on- site conference volunteers soon.

Invitation to Book Discussion

Julie Beggs, Manager in Community and Workforce Programs invited eLCC to attend one of the community  book discussion being held on Thursday March 30.  The topic is Thomas Friedman’s latest book entitled Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations. We have more information up on the eLCC blog.
Here’s the livestream to the 630 pm session we will set up for eLCC members.

People Update

We also were able to meet a new colleague who we hope who will be joining more regularly! A big welcome and hello to Tim Rasmussen, Instructional Designer/LMS administrator at Denver Seminary.

David Kendrick will be starting in July as a Associate Vice President at Chadron State College in Northwest Nebraska. We checked the distance and it would be a 4 ½ hour road trip anytime he wanted to invite eLCCers to his campus.

Who Do You Love? educationally speaking poll results in the slideshow below.

Thanks again to Chris Luchs and CCCOnline for being such gracious online hosts.



Invitation to Thank You for Being Late Book Discussion

If you can’t make the F2F event, we will be livestreaming the 630 pm session for eLCC.

“When you press the pause button on a machine, it stops.  But when you press the pause button on human beings they start.”  Dov Seidman

Hello Friends,

I hope that all is well with you.  It is an invitation to read, reflect, pause and come together in community.

 At the end of March the Community Education Department at Arapahoe Community College will be hosting a book discussion on Thomas Friedman’s latest book titled Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations.  Here’s a quote from the book jacket that drew me in to read more.  “We all sense it—something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your kids. You can’t miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are being transformed in so many realms all at once—and it is dizzying.”

In this book Friedman’s thesis is that in order to understand the twenty-first century, you need to understand that the planet’s three largest forces—Moore’s law (technology), the Market (globalization), and Mother Nature (climate change and biodiversity loss)—are accelerating all at once. These accelerations are transforming five key realms: the workplace, politics, geopolitics, ethics, and community.

The book is an informative read that I believe provides several interesting insights and recommendations for how we might be successful in the coming years both as a society and individually.  And, for those of us in the “education business” it presents some ideas and models for us to consider.  If any of this sparks your interest,  I would highly recommend taking the time to review the two following resources which will provide you with more information about the book.

An overview of the book presented by Thomas Friedman during a talk at the Brookings Institution.  (I watched this while munching on lunch the other day.)


A summary and review of the book that can be purchased from Amazon for a $2.99 or less depending on your membership with them. (It’s 40 pages long. Quick read.)

If both of these resources really get you hooked, I encourage you to read as much of the book as you can in time for the event on Thursday, March 30.

Here is a link to the program information and registration.  https://www.arapahoe.edu/focal-point-acc

This event is FREE and open to the public, and if you would like to purchase a hard copy of the book, the Tattered Cover is providing a 10% discount once you register for the program. 

As always, thank you for your consideration and time.  All the best, hope to see you soon and take care,  JB

Julie Beggs, Manager
Community and Workforce Programs
Arapahoe Community College
303.797.5714, julie.beggs@arapahoe.edu

Regis University’s 7th Annual Learning Technologies Fair

Everyone at eLCC would like to thank Regis University ID & T for inviting us to
their 7th Annual Learning Technologies Fair!

Learning Technology Fair

eLCC had a table and we had a great time talking tech and education with everyone there!

The Fair featured the 2016-2017 Teaching and Learning with Technology Mirco-grant winners. The fair was designed as a gallery walk with grant winners at their poster which was next to laptop with a monitor so that they could show people more about their projects. Attendees come into the large Mountain View Room and then walk around stopping to talk with the presenters.

For my purposes, I was able to immediately able to use 3 of the learning technologies as examples for instructors who are working on the design of their hybrid courses. Those projects were using video answer keys for a chemistry course, video capture assignment with audio feedback from the professors and the last one was screencapturing the writing process for students.

Incorporating Video Answer Keys in Organic Chemistry

Learning Technology Fair

The use of video feedback for chemistry course could help my hybrid instructors move reviewing answers on tests online. Having the video feedback would be immediate for the students and could also let the instructor focus on the questions that the students struggled with the most during their face-to-face sessions. We might not have our instructors using Camtasia and MicroSoft Surfaces but there are ideas my instructors can use.

Video Answers in Chem Course

Video Capture and Feedback with a Simulation Experience

My hybrid instructors from a number of disciplines emailed me and immediately starting brainstorming with this one. What if the student filmed themselves and then the instructors gave audio feedback. Again, we might not use Camtasia but screencast-o-matic allows for a PiP. Our instructors could take this well researched project and see what portions could help us leverage technology for meaningful learning.

Learning Technology Fair

Procedural Video Models in Writing Instruction

Learning Technology Fair

This example I think would work well with showing students the writing process but also with computer science programming courses. You could show student the process of programming.

It was quite an experience to see so many of the innovative projects that one institution is doing. We hear about certain ones during our monthly meetings but this was a rare treat to be to a gallery walk of all the amazing leveraging of technology. I wasn’t able to feature everything to my instructors but just as a suggestion, look into Using Digital Badges to Enhance Student & Faculty Development and It’s Getting Hot Out There: Using Wireless
Environmental Sensors to Investigate Microscale Heat Islands at Regis

I look forward to attending next year’s fair! (Especially to see what they are doing with their Lightboard). Thanks again Regis ID &T!

(The pictures I took at the fair are now up on the eLCC flickr site. If you took any pictures at the gallery please add them to the eLCC Flickr group.)

Also, here’s the slides I shared with the hybrid training class during their Almost the Weekend Check-in.


eLCC March 2017 Agenda

Hello everyone,

CCCOnline would cordially like to invite you to the Virtual March eLCC meeting from 10 am to 1 pm-ish over WebEx. (WebEx is the webinar platform that CCCS uses). For convenience, I’ve included the WebEx invite at the end, so you can quickly add it to your Outlook calendar. We’ve also created a Bitly Link for the meeting http://bit.ly/elccmar17

We’d also like to you to invite your colleagues, friends and even students to the professional development portion we will have from 1130 am to 1 pm.

1130 am to Noon Profession Development

We will be reporting on our Who Do You Love, Educationally Speaking Poll
Come and get your educational theory and theorist love!

Noon to 1 pm

We will be doing an encore presentation from Educause on Coding, Gaming, IoT, and Wearables: New Student Success Technologies, or Chocolate-Covered Broccoli?
Even though Extreme found the results of audience poll discouraging – we will tell you why you shouldn’t be!

Join us for a spirited discussion of four current technologies. Share your perspective on whether educationally these technologies are like pouring chocolate over broccoli or if they can improve student outcomes by strategically leveraging them. Come caffeinated and opinionated, and be ready to dive in and share with peers and colleagues.

Outcomes: Identify current learning technologies and trends *discuss the affordances and constraints of each technology presented *identify common adoption issues faced by new technologies and resources to resolve those issues

We’ll do the Organizational Meeting from 10 am to 11:20 am. Here’s the full agenda.

10:00am  Welcome and Award Nomination Announcement
10:20am  Journal Update
10:30am  Conference Report
11:00am  Institutional Reports

Please RSVP to Christopher.Luchs@ccs.edu if you are planning to attend. Just let us know if it will be online or F2F. We’d like to have a headcount for the room and also virtually.

eLCC 2017 Conference Keynote Speaker – Michael King

We are excited to announce our second keynote speaker for the 2017 conference – April 12 – 14 at the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Michael D. King
Vice President,
IBM Global Education Industry

Michael King is the worldwide leader for the IBM Education Industry with responsibility for strategy, marketing and sales across schools and higher education.   He oversees all facets of IBM’s work with K12 schools and higher education institutions, including the development of industry specific solutions.  IBM’s portfolio in Education includes consulting and IT services, analytics tools and other software, as well as cloud and high performance computing.

He has been with IBM for over 25 years in various executive and management positions, with over twenty years in education and learning.   He has held a variety of roles in the Education Industry, developing programs like ThinkPad University, Insight at School, LearningVillage and many others.  He has also worked in IBM’s corporate training segment, leading marketing, strategy and partner programs.

Michael has served on various client advisory groups, such as the California P16 Council, as well as industry associations, such as the Business Higher Education Forum where he is a member of the Executive Committee.  He also serves on the Board of Directors for both the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Schools Interoperability Frameworks Assoc. (SIFA) standards organizations, which foster industry collaboration to build more interoperable technology systems.  Michael holds Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Physics and Engineering from Kansas State University and an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles.

LMS Analytics, LMS Migration and More at Regis University

We’d like to thank Jeff Getchell and everyone from Regis University for hosting the eLCC meeting on Friday.

Regis University provided us with some insight (No pun intended D2L) on how their university looks at analytics for students with Brian Engel for the first half of the professional development session.

Then for the second half of professional development, Ed Johnsen discussed
“LMS Analytics are only as good as your course design”.
Ed has been doing analytics that go beyond Insights in D2L.
Someone from Regis will have to pass along his email. (He did say we could contact him!)

We also were able to meet some new people who will be joining more regularly!
A big welcome and hello to Jessica Gagnon from CCConline and Amy Ostainski from UCD.

Here’s a link to some quick notes from the session and some livestreaming from
the Google Hangout during the professional development.

Full Hangout (laptop camera facing forward on table)

Google Hangout Mp4 downloaded, split into 2 sessions and re-uploaded to YouTube

Brian Engel  “Analytics at Regis University”

Ed Johnsen “LMS Analytics are only as good as your course design”

Thanks again to Jeff and Regis University for being such gracious hosts.


Who Do You Love (Educationally Speaking…of course)?

To celebrate the season, the eLearning Consortium of Colorado is doing another collaborative poll and are asking “Who Do You Love?”  Don’t worry, we are not trying to get personal. Instead we’re asking what’s your favorite educational theory, educational theorist and of course what’s your favorite pedagogy.http://bit.ly/elccwhodoyoulove

If you think we missed anything please go ahead and add it as an option!

We’ll keep this poll open until the end of February – so vote with your heart!!!!!

Awards nominations due March 1st!

Speaking of who do you love – nominate that great Colorado educator, advocate and great learning teams who has been working so hard!!!!!  Nominations open until March 1, 2017

eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award

eLCC eLearning Educator Award

eLCC eLearning Advocate of the Year Award


Regis University hosts eLCC Monthly Meeting for February 2017!!!!!

eLCC Agenda
Regis University
Friday February 24, 2017

The order is subject to change!

Discussion Topic 10:00 am 

LMS Migration – Roundtable

Professional Development (20-30 minutes): 10:15 am 

Ed Johnsen (Instructional Technologist, Instructional Design & Technology) and Brian Engel (Director, University Analytics and Reporting) will present “LMS Analytics are only as good as your course design.”

We will try to livestream this through Google Hangout.
Here’s the link https://youtu.be/eUaD1jlzY8w

Discussion Topic 10:45 – 11:00 am

LMS Migration Finishing up the Discussion

Reporting out and Discussion 11:00 am – Lunch 

Conference (Kim)

  • Updates
  • Hotel and lodgings
  • Registration options (credit card or direct bill to institution)
  • Keynote speakers
  • New activities


Box lunches. Please send RSVPs and dietary-specific requests to lskuba@regis.edu or jgetchell001@regis.edu



  • Name
  • Mission 
  • Reviewers request
  • CFP for eLCC Conference

Interest Groups Report Outs

  • Rapid Responses from Tech Lit and Multiculturalism
  • Quality in Online Courses
  • AR/VR

Awards (Awards Committee)

  • Award Nominations Open Until March 1
  • People’s Choice Process – Voting

Institution Report (Everyone)

Discussion on Education and the impact of Fake News and Alternative Facts

Several eLCC members took part in the February 3, 2017, TLT Friday Live group http://www.tltgroup.org/. The topic last week was “Fake News” and “Alternate Facts” Undermine Education: What Can We Do?. Our fellow eLCCers were there discussing algorithms, search engine optimization, and our new Interest Groups’ (Multiculturalism and Technology Literacy) rapid responses to current events.

The TLT Friday Live group consisted of 74 educators gathering on a Zoom meeting and discussing the educational challenges and opportunities associated with Fake News. This session was more online synchronous discussion than webinar. Some of the resources produced from the TLT session are:

Info Lit Resources

Evaluating News

Fake News Lib Guide

Tech & Info Lit Resources

Fake New and Alternative Facts – A Work in Progress

TLT Fake News Full Brainstorming Record

Based on the large turnout and great discussions, The TLT Friday Live group is offering a second session Fake News and Alternate Facts: Part II on Friday February 10, 2017 at noon MT.

To register go to http://tltgroup.roundtablelive.org/fridaylive  “Fake News, Facts, Education, Government …and Truth” Part 2

Friday, February 10 will also be a banner day for eLCC’s Technology Literacy Interest Group.

The Technology Literacy Special Interest Group will be collaborating with the ISTE Games and Sims Network for a Rapid Response Hangout on Game Prompts for Classroom Discussion of Fake News and Alt Facts from an information and technology literacy lens. This live event will happen at 6 pm MT. The hangout is at http://bit.ly/feb11gbl. If you arrive early, the padlet http://bit.ly/2gsnfeb11 will be moderated 30 minutes prior to the hangout for any of your questions and comments and during the hangout, the moderators will share your questions with the discussants to allow for live interaction.