Regis University hosting January Monthly eLCC Meeting

Regis University looks forward to hosting the January eLCC monthly meeting on Friday, the 26th. We’ve once again put in a special request for warm, sunny weather for your brief stay so we hope you can attend.

Regis Univeristy

Stuff to know

When: Friday, January 26th, 10-2 pm

Where: Regis University, St. Peter Claver Hall (PCH), Room 306. Downloadable map available at:

Parking (All parking lots are fee-based. Kiosks take credit cards and cash):

  • Option 1 (easiest): Park in Lot 6 (always available parking) and take the free campus shuttle to Claver Hall
  • Option 2 (for walkers): Park in Lot 6 (always available parking), walk to the athletic field chain link fence and head west past Lots 7 and 5. Walk up the hill to Claver Hall.
  • Option 3 (for gamblers): Take your chances parking in Lot 5 and walk up the hill to Claver Hall.

Lunch: Box lunches provided if you RSVP to by January 19th. We’ll do our best to accommodate special dietary requests, if specified (and Paul, steak and lobster is not a valid “special dietary request”).

Professional development: Sally Cordrey will facilitate an introduction to two recently introduced IT projects: the Technology Training Center and the REALS (Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning Systems) classroom, including a walking tour of the new facilities, weather permitting.

General questions: Jeff Getchell,, 303-964-5429

2018 Award Nominations Are Open!

eLCC and the Awards Committee are extremely pleased to announce that the eLCC awards for 2017 -2018 are now open for nominations until March 1, 2018.

Please feel free to share these links with your colleagues!

eLCC eLearning Educator

eLCC eLearning Advocate

The second annual eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award or eLCCellence

This is a team focused award for the eLearning Consortium of Colorado. The purpose of this award it to recognize the many initiatives, projects, and programs that support best practices, creative solutions, innovation and transformational change in eLearning and the groups that make them possible. The award reflects the complex environment of eLearning and the collaborative nature of our member organizations.

The eLearning Technologies Award recognizes staff, faculty and administrator teams engaged in communicating and sharing out exceptional experiences or projects. The team project may consist of a single instance or a broader implementation of learning technologies.

The term ‘learning technologies’ can also be interpreted widely to include all forms of online content, and may incorporate such things as synchronous learning, use of social media, or mobile technologies. The project may identify with teaching, professional development, academic technology or some combination thereof.

Possible projects include (but are in no way limited to):

  • Team that worked on a new online student orientation
  • Team that developed an online faculty on-boarding program
  • Team that put on a technology conference
  • Team that did a JIT professional development series
  • Team that created a hub in LMS for student access to counseling and wellness resources
  • Team of instructional designers, SMEs and faculty that worked on an exemplary course that they would to highlight
  • Teams working on technology related grant

A team must be comprised of at least three eLCC members engaged in a project that furthers the mission of eLCC. Self-nominations and cross-institution teams are welcome.

Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year to everyone and for anyone who is at work today – welcome back!

Have you been looking at some of this year’s wrap-ups lists and predictions for the future?

Best of 2017 and Looking to 2018
Please share with us any lists you have come across.

The New Media Consortium which produced the Horizon Report for Higher Education is closing, so here are some other articles and reports until the dust settles there.  

EdSurge HigherEd’s Top 10 Articles of 2017 
Interestingly enough, the first article starts out with the person stating that in 2008 they didn’t know instructional designers existed.

Hack Education’s Stories We Were Told in 2017 about Education Technology 
As always Audrey Waters uses a critical eye to look at edtech.

25 Trends for 2018 by Meris Stansbury from eSchool News and eCampus News
There is a section for Higher Education.

Tech Trends (Non-Education) for 2018
Not an educational list yet there is overlap.

And to wrap-up here with a positive note
99 Reasons 2017 was a great year from Future Crunch

At eLCC, we have a lot planned for the new year.

Monthly Meetings 2018

Our first monthly meeting will be on January 26th at Regis University.

There is a change in date for February, our February monthly meeting will be Friday February 16th at the University of Denver.

Our March monthly meeting on Friday March 23rd will be virtual.

Breakthroughs in 2017 or 2018?

AI? We did have Michael King as our eLCC  Keynote last year.
While this isn’t Michael as our keynote, here is an interview with Michael.  
Have you tried IBM’s Watson? While it might be geared to K-12 you can still take a peek. If you have more questions, here’s another article on what you could be asking.

It was listed as Number #1 Tech Trend – Blockchain
One of our Learning Technologies award nominees was covering this last year.

EdSurge claimed 2017 was a breakthrough year for OER. Do you agree?

For eLCC this coming calendar year, we’d like to form some sub-committees or even a task force if we think this areas warrant them. Please email kae novak if you are interested.

eLCC Conference

The eLCC Conference will be held one week earlier this year.
Wednesday April 4 – Friday April 6, 2018 at Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado

The call for proposals and registration will be coming out soon from the conference committee.

eLCC Awards

The eLCC Awards are now open! Please feel free to share these links with your colleagues!

eLCC eLearning Educator

eLCC eLearning Advocate

The second annual eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award or eLCCellence

If you are interested in helping out with the Awards committee this year, please email

Again, Happy New Year to Everyone!

2018 eLCC Conference – Call for Proposals


The 2018 conference is fast approaching. We will be opening a call for proposals in the next few days. 

The conference is Wednesday April 4 through Friday April 6 2018 at the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO. Check your email for the official opening of the call for proposals.

  This year’s theme: Here, There, Anywhere: Rethink, Engage, Empower

 What are you doing to help students learn? What has worked well for you to facilitate student success? How do you guide them to rethink an issue? Engage with information? Empower them to create a solution?

Submit a proposal for the conference which provides strategies for faculty and support staff to meet

the needs of diverse students in online, hybrid, or any technology-driven courses. Here. There. Anywhere.

Submit your proposals early and no later than January 31.

Check out the web site for important deadlines and updates. Visit our web site at to submit your  proposal online and view conference information. More information is coming in the next few days.

Submit for a 45 minute presentation, a 110 minute hands on session where you and your participants use the software and/or technology, or a 15 minute lightning round, where 3 similar presentations are 

Grouped together to enhance a topic.

We seek proposals in the following areas:

• Interactive technologies and multi-media tools

• Free tools and gadgets

• Smart and mobile phone applications

• Pedagogy of technology

• Analytics

• Universal Design

• Project post-mortems

• Other hot elearning topics

The conference includes:

• FREE hands-on computer workshops

• Keynote presentations from elearning leaders

• Concurrent sessions featuring the latest elearning strategies

• Exhibits and demonstrations

• Excellent networking opportunities

• Most meals and breaks

• eLearning awards for faculty and support staff


Break the Internet

If you are on the Internet on Tuesday December 12th, you’re likely to see images and videos like the ones below. In fact, you are likely to see quite a few of these images and videos.

December 12, 2017 is two days before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be voting on ending Net Neutrality. The vote on Net Neutrality is also why you might have seen protesters outside your local Verizon store on Thursday.

On December 1, we were involved in a discussion (recording) over Hangout on Net Neutrality and what this means to us as online learning professionals, instructors and academics.

Because we are educators, we couldn’t help but also make slides too. We’re curating a list of articles on this Google document. They include FCC Chair Pai’s Myth vs. Fact and FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s Debunking Chairman Pai’s Claims about Net Neutrality rebuttal. (Yes these are the actual titles of the documents put out from the FCC.)

Yes, this is quite the hot topic for information and technology literacy! Thanks for suggesting it in our hot topic survey. 


Open Sim Livestreamed this weekend

Two of our former keynotes – Cynthia Calongne and Barbara Truman are involved in presenting and organizing a virtual conference this weekend and I’m sending out the information in case you are interested.

It’s the OpenSim Community Conference (OSCC) and you can watch it live over their YouTube Channel

The conference runs Saturday December 9 and Sunday December 10.
Saturday 7 am PT – 630 pm PT
Sunday 7 am PT – 630 pm PT

If you would like to attend in-world, you can register here

If you are wondering how to use OpenSim for game design and simulation, then we’d suggest watching

Saturday – A Mind Palace for English in immersive worlds with Cynthia Calongne

Sunday – An Educators Approach to Developing Usable Prototypes for Serious Games in Open Simulator with Barbara Truman

They are involved in other sessions on the  program on both Saturday and Sunday.

If you get any screenshots be sure to share them over twitter hashtag #oscc17 and on their Flickr site.
Here’s a link to the conference preview we did if you want to get a peek before you go in.

Welcome Back from Thanksgiving Break!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! Right before we left for break we held our UnConference at the University of Colorado- Boulder.

Here’s some preliminary pictures on Flickr – we’ll have more coming soon.

We were able to tour the Maker space in the Engineering building and do a series of P2P sessions on just about everything!

If you have any eLCC pictures you want to add to the group, just go to and ask to join.

Friday December 1 at Noon MT

Based on responses to the Hot Topics Survey, we will be doing a Google Hangout ( on Net Neutrality.

Are you following the vote on Net Neutrality the FCC will be doing on December 14th?
The hashtag #NetNeutrality is blowing up on twitter.

We’ll be focusing on the following questions:

What is equal access to the Internet?

What does Federal Communications Commission’s plan mean for us as educators who teach online and/or use the Internet?

If you would like to be one of our discussants on the Google Hangout – email

Also please follow us on twitter – @elcccolorado
We’ll keep tweeting ore retweeting out more on #NetNeutrality

In December, we will be putting out the call for 2017/2018 awards.

We have three distinct award – eLearning Educator, eLearning Advocate and Learning Technologies Team.

If you would like to be part of the awards committee and help out please contact Chris Luchs

Hope you are easing back into the work week!


UnConference FAQ

Hello Everyone!

We have two days until the UnConference. We have been starting to get questions.
So, let’s begin by saying it will be an actual UnConference! An UnConference is a different type of format than a conference. An UnConference has no keynote speakers, no predetermined panels and we’ll decide on the final topics in the morning at 9 am opening. You can use this link to start learning more about how to prepare for an UnConference. We have been collecting ideas and challenges on this padlet.

For other questions like parking, the actual building and the brown bag lunch, we made a FAQ. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any other questions or leave them as comments on the FAQ.

Made with Padlet

UnConference Ideas!

This coming Friday November 17, 2017 at the IDEA Forge on the University of Colorado Boulder campus (across from the UC Law School), we will be holding our first UnConference!

You may be asking what’s an UnConference and why is is being held in the College of Engineering’s Idea Forge?

An UnConference is a different type of format than a conference. An UnConference has no keynote speakers, no predetermined panels and we’ll decide on the final topics in the morning at 9 am session. You can use this link to start learning more about how to prepare for an UnConference.

Here are the initial idea, challenges and tools we’ve collected through our RSVP

Made with Padlet

The IDEA Forge at the University of Colorado Boulder seems like the ideal because of all the possibilities inherent in that type of open space.. We will be in the Engineering building and have two spaces reserved. We have half the Idea Forge Commons. Engineering students will have the other half. We also have the Project Based Learning Studio.

It’s not too late to join us – just RSVP and we’ll send you more information!