2018 eLCC Conference Preliminary Agenda

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The 29th Annual eLCC Conference is just a few days away!
Attached is a preliminary agenda of presentations and activities. 2018eLCCConferencePrelimAgenda
Dinner groups for Thursday night are being organized, and remember your most “interesting” socks for an opportunity to compete in the AwesomeSocks Contest!
Also please bring door prizes if you are able. They are always appreciated.
We look forward to seeing you April 4-6!

March 23 eLCC Monthly Meeting at University of Denver

Hi All,

The University of Denver is excited to host the March 23rd eLCC meeting! The meeting will be held in the second floor “Loft” space of the Anderson Academic Commons at 2150 E. Evans Ave., Ste. 350C from 10am-2pm. After the monthly meeting, DU is also hosting a Colorado Makers panel that we would love for you all to attend. Here is a link to more information about the panel. Please be sure to register if you plan to attend the panel –  http://otl-events.du.edu/public/registration/1589 (as a non-DU member, you’ll need to be sure to click “No DU affiliation” when registering).

Please email me at heather.tobin@du.edu to RSVP for the meeting so we have an accurate lunch count. I will also need to know if you would like a parking pass. In order to obtain the pass, I’ll need you let me know no later than Monday, 3/19. Other parking information is provided below as well.

Meeting Agenda:

10:00 to 10:05am: Welcome

10:05 to 10:30am: Conference Update

10:30 to 10:45am: Awards Update

10:45 to 11:00am: Other Topics

11:00-12:00pm: Professional development session in DU’s new “Video Creation Studio” (modeled after CU Denver’s Creation Station), hosted by Rich Path, OTL Multimedia Developer

12:00-12:30pm: Lunch Break

12:30-1:30pm: Institutional Updates

1:30-2:00pm: Other Topics

3:00-4:30pm: Colorado Maker Panel!

Other Parking options:

University of Denver campus map

University of Denver parking map

University Libraries Parking Lot (Hourly) – This is the closest parking lot to the Anderson Academics Commons. This is a metered parking lot ($1.50 per hour, cash / credit cards accepted). These meters only accept payments for one hour at a time. It is lot 315 on the DU parking guide.

Directions: You must be going east on Evans Avenue between High Street and University. Take the first right after the pedestrian bridge that crosses over Evans Ave. Anderson Academic Commons is the building on the right just after the pedestrian bridge.

Evans Garage (Hourly) – This parking lot is also close to the Anderson Academics Commons. The price is $1.50 per hour and the pay stations accepts credit cards and will issue a receipt.  It is lot 301 on the DU parking  map.

Directions: From Evans Avenue turn south on High Street and take the first left. After parking, exit the garage through the northeast corner of the building and walk east on Evans Ave. Anderson Academic Commons is the building on the right just after the pedestrian bridge. 

Light Rail:

The University of Denver Light Rail station is located on the northern edge of campus.

Directions: Cross the intersection of Buchtel Boulevard and High Street. Walk south on High Street for several blocks to Evans Ave. Cross Evans Ave and walk east. Anderson Academic Commons is the building on the right just after the pedestrian bridge.  The entrance is on the south side of the building.


Heather Tobin
Instructional Designer & Adjunct Instructor
University of Denver
Office of Teaching and Learning & University College

Ready Player One Book Club

eLCC has been invited to educator’s book club that includes games, game based learning and virtual reality from March 12 – April 8.

The ISTE Games & Sims Network (whose leadership does included a number of Coloradoans) is starting on March 12 with the Ready Player One book club.

The first hangout and livestream is on March 14 at 8 pm ET.
For Week One, you would be reading Level One in the book/kindle.

READY PLAYER ONE Signup http://bit.ly/readyplayeronesignup and the movie opens on March 29.

Open Education Week

Open Education Week is happening right now! Open Education Week is being put on by the Open Education Consortium which is a global network for Open Education.

It is truly global, there are presentations from Finland, Cuba, Canada and a plethora of sessions from the United States. The webinars are listed on the top, just scroll through and click on details for ones you’d like to see.

Our recommendations are

Anything that Millersville University is doing! Take a look at their OER guides. They are in Pennsylvania, so check the time and convert to MT! They have sessions each day.

On Wednesday, April 7 at 12 PM ET/ 10 AM MT – 5 PM ET/3 pm MT, there will be TEN OER Degree and Adoption Showcases at Community College.

They do ask for registration and will send you a confirmation email to see any of the 10 colleges and how they have done OER.

And Open Education Week will close with a 24 OER Global Web-athon from March 9 to March 10.

eLCC Facilitated Keynote on Wednesday April 4th

The eLearning Consortium of Colorado is proud to announce that we are doing a facilitated keynote for the first day of its 29th annual conference.

Is It Just Me?…Questions facing me and the field
Facilitated Keynote with Dr. Brent G. Wilson

Inspired by radio shows like Is It Just Me Friday, this facilitated keynote creates an inclusive discussion  on some critical issues facing e-learning as a field. Dr. Brent Wilson of CU Denver will set up the discussion, followed by roundtable conversation and full-group Q&A.

The focus is on Is it just me concerns – a group reality check on our experience and how the field is adapting to changing conditions of work. Starter  issues include: (1) changing roles following higher-ed investments in learning technologies; (2) the growing role of faculty persuasion and institutional change; (3) learning analytics and student success; and (4) advocacy for the profession and self-advocacy as professionals.

Brent  G. Wilson is professor of Information and Learning Technologies at CU Denver where he teaches courses in e-learning trends, professional learning, and research in learning design and technology. His research centers around foundational questions such as: What is good instruction? How can we help learners have more transformative learning experiences? How can we help faculty, students, and designers make better use of learning tools and resources?

Thank You CCCOnline!

We would like to thank CCCOnline for arranging and hosting eLCC’s virtual monthly meeting.

The virtual meeting went effortlessly and they could not have chosen two more timely and informative guest speakers. They gave us a high level view of how the state legislature is looking at OER and also what the next steps are so we can tell our colleagues.

I think CCCOnline has developed a pattern of knowing exactly how to setup and facilitate these online meetings. Thank you again!

Here are some of the highlights from the meeting. Agenda(Slides)

Awards Update

Invitation to F2F Events

Invitation to Online Events

  • Ethics and Games Monthly Webinars
    • Last Sunday of Each Month at 5 pm MT
    • Recording from February  Ethics and Games webinar.
    • The Talos Principle.
      • The review of this game includes Greek and Egyptian mythology, determinism, transhumanism, posthumanism and discussion of AI. If you click on the show more portion of the YouTube recording, you can see the index portion and go to the area you are most interested in.

Other Topics (Warming Up for  – Is It Just Me?… Facilitated Keynote with Dr. Brent Wilson at 2018 eLCC Conference)

Professional Development Speakers – OER Council Presentation

CCCOnline invited Dr. Emily Ragan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Metro, who is the Chair of the state Open Education Resources (OER) Council, and Brittany Dudek, CCCO Library Coordinator, who is a member of the OER Council to talk about this six month group that was created by the Colorado General Assembly.  Additionally members of the OER council prepared this pdf on their recommendations. The OER Council was created for a six month period to give recommendations to the General Assembly’s Joint Budge Committee. It has finished its six month period.

Additional OER information

There is a public OER Council website and the agenda and notes from about half of the meetings are on the webpage. The report that was sent to the Joint Budget Committee and the Education Committees of the General Assembly is also available to read on the OER Council website.

On February 7, 2018, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) discussed the OER Report (Recording, go to Index 4, use the blue slider to go to the OER discussion which starts at 2:41:00 – 3:03:30) and move to draft a bill by the end of the month.

Recommendations from the OER Council included promoting the use of free and very low cost textbooks and instructional materials at public institutions of higher education. Staff recommends the Committee sponsor a bill to: • Provide a statewide grant program costing $660,000 General Fund in FY 2018-19, annualizing to annualizing to $1,079,350 for FY 2019-20 and $1,080,720 in FY 2020-21. • Continue the statewide OER Council for the length of the program and add 1.0 FTE in the Department of Higher Education for the length of the initiative.

In addition to the recommendations from the report, the JBC staff recommended that the Committee also consider including a statutory requirement that by fall 2021 for institutional course catalogs to identify which courses use free and very low cost OER materials. A presentation is scheduled for March 12 and a vote is planned to happen between March 12 and 26.

Second Professional Development Event: Net Neutrality

We have been looking at what is happening on the Net Neutrality front. February 27th is actually #OneMoreVote day. You may see this hashtag on social media. We did an overview of Net Neutrality and some possible implications for education recording and slides.


Feb 2018 Monthly Meeting

Hello everyone,

CCCOnline is pleased to host the Feb 23rd eLCC meeting. As we mentioned at the last meeting, this will be a virtual meeting (WebEx information is provided below), however, anyone that wants to visit in person is welcome. CCCOnline is located at 9026 E. Severn Place, Building 967, Denver, CO 880230. If you wish to attend in person, please let me know at Christopher.Luchs@cccs.edu

For this monthly meeting we will do some things different, we’ll kick things off with the business meeting and then have two professional development events. The first will be a presentation by Dr. Emily Ragan, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Metro, who is the Chair of the OER Council, and Brittany Dudek, CCCO Library Coordinator, who is a member of the OER Council.

The second professional development event will be a Google Hangout presentation on Net Neutrality and the Feb 27th: Operation #OneMoreVote. The URL for this hangout is http://bit.ly/netneutralityfeb27 There is a limit of 10 seats in the hangout, so spots will be issued on a first come first admitted basis. If you plan on going into Hangout, please use the Google Chrome browser for best results.

You can also watch the hangout at the GamesMOOC Youtube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/gamesmooc The comments section of the YouTube will be monitored so you can ask questions of our presenters and discussants.

The Agenda is:
10:00 to 10:05am: Welcome
10:05 to 10:30am: Conference Update
10:30 to 10:40am: Awards Update
10:40 to 11:30am: Institutional Updates
11:30 to 11:45am: Other Topics
11:45 to 12:30am: OER Council Presentation
12:30 to 1:00pm: Lunch Break
1:00 to 2:00pm: Google Hangout Net Neutrality Presentation: Feb 27th: Operation #OneMoreVote

Thank you to Regis Univesity for Hosting!

A big thank you to Regis University for hosting us on Friday for the eLCC Monthly meeting.Thank you Sally, Jeff, Nicole, Doug, Yvonne, Ed and anyone else we might have missed.

Regis University is truly a beautiful campus and we did get some more pictures for our eLCC flickr.

It was great – for REALS. Yes that is the actual acronym for the system setup that they showed us.

REALS (Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning Systems)

I think we also had one of our best discussions and sharings.  Lee Christopher from Arapahoe Community College is our new treasurer!
We shared out a number of edtech, professional development and art activities. (Just go into the document and add anything that you feel is missing.

Conference proposals are open! So are the eLCC awards, please nominate the outstanding people you work with.

eLCC eLearning Educator http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-educator-award-nomination/

eLCC eLearning Advocate http://elearningcolorado.org/wordpress/elcc-support-award-nomination/

The second annual eLCC Learning Technologies Team Award or eLCCellence  http://bit.ly/eLCCteam18

Here’s the meeting notes – feel free to add, we are still crowdsourcing it.

Our next meeting will be virtual and hosted by CCCOnline on Friday, February 23, 2018.