Rapid Response to Turbulent Times and Social Issues 2018 Nomination

Rapid Response to Turbulent Times and Social Issues
Rapid Response Team
Metagame Book & ISTE Games and Simulations Network

Project Description
Rapid Response is a group of educators that rapidly responded to current events and created and curated content. The collaboratively created material and videos critically examined and responded to the Immigration ban, shootings, intolerance, DACA, Russian hacking and repeal of Net Neutrality for use in the classroom and professional learning.

Alignment with eLCC mission
This ongoing project brought together educators in Colorado and nationally to look at social issues and how we can leverage technology for meaningful learning for both educators and students. We created and curated resources to include YouTube videos, Google slides, and whatever open education resources available to rapidly respond.

Name of Team Members
Kae Novak
Sherry Jones
Chris Luchs
Farah Bennani
Trish Cloud
Tanya Martin

Team Picture

One Minute Video 

Template for Creating Your Own Rapid Responses.

Metagame Book Club Rapid Response Page.

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