Subject Matter Expert Orientation 2018 Nomination

Subject Matter Expert Orientation
Colorado Community Colleges Online Instructional Design Team

Project Description
The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Orientation is a course for SMEs who are interested in participating in a course development at CCCOnline. The course introduces SMEs to important concepts, best practices, expectations, OER, and procedures for developing content for a CCCOnline course. It is facilitated and has multiple assessments

Alignment with eLCC mission
In the spirit of collaboration, and innovation the CCCOnline Instructional Design (ID) Team implemented Subject Matter Expert (SME) training courses. First, a self-paced SME Orientation was built. Then, a second version was created, a one-week facilitated workshop. Now SME’s have a better foundation for success in course creation and implementation.

Name of Team Members
Ben Kohntopp
Kathy Sindt
Kristi Thorland
Lee Tran
Rudy Rico
Grace Whiteaker

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One Minute Video

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